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And then I said “Why Not?”


It took becoming a mom for me to greet life with a “why not?”. My son just does stuff. He thinks it and he does it. He is just completely open to life. The kid has never met a stranger (we’re working on that). He walks into a room full of kids and his response […] Read more…

Dusting off the To-Do List


Spring is FINALLY here! I know so many people have been looking forward to the warmer weather (I’m looking at you east coast). Here in L.A., it’s been Spring-like for a while but I’m still super excited about the change in seasons. Longer days, more time out enjoying the city with the family and the […] Read more…

Doing Cool Sh*t


Recently, I was strolling around the web. I came across this article and from the title – it had me.  It’s “Why You Should Stop Making Excuses and Start Doing Cool Sh*t”. That gets your attention, right? It’s about a book by a woman who details how she pretty much took control of her life […] Read more…

Mom-Me Time? What’s That?


Once a month I had an appointment with Tanya. She’s a guru when it comes to waxing. Every two weeks I had an appointment with another Tonya. She was my hair stylist. Every morning I got up just before 6a to get to the gym before work. After working out for an hour, I’d make […] Read more…

Who is in your cheering section?


I was talking to a friend yesterday and we talked about  a conference we were attending. The conference was for moms who wanted to build create success on their own terms. Listening to the stories of the other women left us feeling empowered. As moms who have made the decision to build our future, our […] Read more…