In the last 5 years or so, I’ve become a natural and organic mama. Whether it’s food or body wash. I’m always looking for something that’s safer and healthier.

It wasn’t until we had kids that I really gave it much thought. It was after the birth of our son that we started intentionally eating more organic things. When we started feeding him solid foods, we questioned everything and would reach for natural, organic and homemade items. We scaled back on using our microwave. Moved from plastic to glass and stainless steel.

Show + TellThis intensified with the arrival of our daughter. It was as if we started caring more about ourselves once we had them. Ding ding! That’s the thing. That’s what we tend to do as parents. We put our kids first. It’s automatic. The cool thing is living healthier is what they know. They see us make the effort to be better. It makes it normal for them and not something they’ll have to learn later – like we did.

imitatorWe tend to do a lot of changing as parents. We almost cover up who we used to be completely. Many times we try to morph into this person that we think makes a great parent. While that’s awesome, it wouldn’t hurt kids to see other parts of us as well. Sometimes we keep our dreams and things we’re passionate about from our children. They have no idea that we were an all star athlete, that we used to sing in a band or that we love to dance. I don’t  think it’s intentional. It’s that our focus isn’t on us, but on our kids. So the things we want to reach for gets pushed back to a later date that may or may not come.

But what if we just never stopped making ourselves a priority? Not that the kids aren’t a priority – never that. They also don’t have to be the only priority. The minute we decide we are still important, even though we have children, we sometimes get a dose of guilt with that. I know I did. I tend to work myself into the ground for my kids. I learned that if you don’t show them that you have interests outside of them, they won’t know. If they don’t know, they won’t place any value in it. They could also grow up thinking that when you have kids you’re supposed to suppress yourself.

My husband and I had a conversation recently about not just telling our kids things but showing them. It’s really the whole basis of my business. I want to help motivate moms to show AND tell our kids what’s possible. It’s why my kids know that I’m not just playing around on this computer. I’m working on something I’m truly passionate about. It’s also why I switch it up and introduce them to things that I love like different music and poetry. Next up for this mama is an African dance class. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of this one when I bring my moves home!

Tell me, are you showing your kids there’s more to you than being mama?  

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  1. Great article. For a while, I wasn’t making myself a priority and it showed. I’m now making sure that both me and my daughter look put together. I want for her to know that she’s beautiful like her mom. 🙂 #BLM

  2. My kids know how much I love working out, that I’m a former kickboxer, I played sports in school, and I love to read. They try to do everything mom and dad do, so we make sure they know about all the good stuff we like to do.
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  3. I JUST commented on a review of organic baby skin care products last night saying essentially that I’m indifferent when it comes to the quality and ingredients of the products I use but really care about this stuff when it comes to my kids. Really it is representative in terms of my approach on a lot of things. You’re so right when you say that we set an example to be imitated. If I teach my daughter and son that I’m not a priority, what does it inadvertently teach them about what I think about myself or how they should treat themselves? Great post!!!!
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  4. That’s an interesting question that you end with! It’s a fine balance, I think. My kids are still very young so we keep it simple. I think as they get older, I’ll share more of myself, too!
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  5. Great article Camesha! I agree 100% percent with you about showing your kids what aspirations their parents have. Sometimes in life we put ourselves on the back burner and then become resentful and bitter because we didn’t or wasn’t able to pursue our passions. Sharing what we are passionate about with our kids gives us the opportunity to show them that even though we are mama, we also have our own individuality.
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  6. My children know there is more to me than meets the eye. My boys like to learn and are always asking question. My daughter , not so me. She is 14 going on 21 and thinks she has all teh answers.

  7. My kids certainly come first in every aspect of my life. I’ve always put me in the way back which I know I need to stop doing.

  8. Great perspective. It is important that we do not lose ourselves as well as share our history with our children. What mama did and does.. and papa too 🙂 I show my LO images of me as a kid, so she knows mama was once a kid too. They both are quite very young, but will continue the trend as they grow.

  9. I thought I wasn’t but the other day my son said mom I like that you own your own business. Here I am trying to build and wondering am I making a difference and to have him say that so proudly shows that kids are watching. Show them what you got
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  10. Hehehe my daughter is still very little so all I am is mom to her…. Once she’s older though I will show her who mom really is 🙂

  11. I have been trying to eat healthier and buy organic when i can. Kids learn from example. It is important they learn to eat well.

  12. It is so important to set a good example for your kids to follow. It is like they say Monkey see monkey do.

  13. I have to admit there was a time when I lost myself and gave EVERYTHING to my children. I no longer knew who I was. It took me a long time to realize that I had to make me a priority and start to put me first. What I realize is that so many women go through this exact same phase when they start having a children. It’s the very reason I’m launching a new program this month helping women rediscover who they are so they can start saying yes to themselves.

  14. My daughter loves to sit next to me while I work and to ask questions about my work, it allows her to see a different side of mom, and I hope that it inspires her as well..

  15. My mother always made herself a priority, right along with us. I love hearing that more mothers are making acknowledging self-care because my mother strongly influenced how we valued ourselves. I’m not a mother but it bums me out to see so many of my contemporaries (we’re in our late 20’s and early 30’s) disregard themselves and their former interests in exchange for being a mom to their children.
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  16. Self care is something I’m still working on. I have good days and not so great days…and I realized that that’s okay. It’s always a work in progress, isn’t it? And you should take some video at your African dance class and blog about it 🙂

  17. I am a mother of 2 adult children, and I have 3 grandchildren.Even though my children are grown, I use a lot of the tools and suggestions for new moms. I play a big role in my grandchildren’s upbringing, so I apply some of the different strategies to help with new era child rearing. I have also applied some of the “mommy time” ideas to my everyday life. I realized that I’m not too old to fulfill my dreams. Thanks for the positive words of encouragement.

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