This month is a busy one in our family. July 6th was our daughter’s birthday. She turned 3. Today is our wedding anniversary. It’s been 8 years. Time flies! There’s something to be said for marriage and kids that changes you. For the better. Both hold up a mirror and show you the beauty + flaws of who you are. It’s not always easy to look at. We have choices though. We can see the good stuff and celebrate it and see the flaws and know what could use some work.

One big thing I’ve learned is my need to be a perfectionist has slowly packed it’s bags and walked out the door. I tend to like things “just so”. Whether it’s personal or professional. I like things to be put together.

killing my perfectionismMy kids are helping me get over that whether I want to or not. I don’t strive for them looking perfect in every picture or play date. They are kids. I want them to look like kids not little moving mannequins. I can try to make their meals all pretty but they just want to eat. My kids have taught me more and more that it’s really about the goal. What’s the goal of what you’re trying to do? Do what you have to do to get there. If you have time to make it pretty along the way – great. If not, be good with just getting stuff done. They are killing my perfectionism! Here are 5 reasons I’m totally OK with that.perfect

1 – Honestly, sometimes perfectionism is just a pretty way to say procrastination. It’s easy to say things “aren’t quite right” so you can’t move forward. Are things ever perfect, though? Life has its perfect moments but for the most part we need to just move forward with what we have and see what happens.

2 – I’m happy to be shedding the perfectionist side of me. It’s too much pressure…no one and nothing is perfect! Once you accept that, it’s a whole new game.

3 – I was researching thoughts about procrastination and came across this phrase “stagnation of growth” Ouch! It’s true though. Trying to be perfect can leave you stuck! Instead of being done with one thing, growing from it, adding to it or moving on… you stay stuck trying to make it “just right”.

4 – The perfectionist plague can mean that you’re just not as productive as you could be. Tweaking the same thing over and over kinda gets in the way of other things.

5 – When it comes to the being perfect, It really can just be more work – that’s not even needed.

Sure there are upsides (to being a perfectionist) like attention to detail. But for me the downsides stand out.

What do you think? Are perfectionism and procrastination related?

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  1. I am OCD, very OCD and you’d be surprised that I wasn’t this way until having kids. Its strange but I have a crazy sense to clean clean clean. And nothing is ever neat and tidy enough and I’m always comparing my home to another person’s home believe I am inadequate because I just can’t keep it together with little ones running around. I’ve had to give myself lots of reality checks, but still I get the feeling I’m just not good enough.
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  2. I laughed at this because I always pictured these perfect little kids I would have someday and mine are anything BUT perfect 🙂

  3. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my blog, but can be the biggest procrastinator around. I hate when the perfectionist and procrastinator in me duke it out though… I get so stressed.

  4. I am a perfectionist right now and I don’t have kids yet. I always wonder how I will be when I have kids and have to let that perfectionism go, thanks for this awesome post.

  5. I think perfectionism and procrastination are polar opposites. Some people strive to be perfect, making it the blinding force of their life – and they’re proud of it. Procrastinators tend to have little ambition and focus more on finding reasons for avoiding certain situations. It sounds like you’re balancing things very well, and getting more adept at it. As an individual, that makes you perfect in a wonderful way.

  6. I don’t have kids, but the perfectionism comparison to procrastination is so true! I’m always trying to make excuses as to why I haven’t done something because x,y and z aren’t in order yet. Sometimes you have to be fearless and just do it like many kids usually do.
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  7. How many times can I love this article. Perfectionism is so overrated. I am glad I am learning to let it go. Now that first line “perfectionism is a form of procrastination” say it again times 1000! OMG. I am so guilty of this. You read me right there.
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  8. I completely agree, love. I’m always like I need to make my magazine look perfect before I can do this or that or have x amount of followers before that..but I just realized, I just need to do it and stop worrying about the little things that will never be perfect.

    I love this post…Very informational!

    – Khloe.

  9. I use to have a severe case of perfectionism when I was younger. But I think with age, I grew out of it. Now mind you, I still like some things to be perfectly done and right. A person just can’t shed all her skin you know.

  10. Omg! I’m going threw this very same thing! Just look at my pics… I’m a perfectionist to the extreme! Ever since my daughter was born, well some of that perfectionism is slipping away and ITS OK! I’m learning to embrace what is & enjoying life 😉

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