Summer Days                +It was a hot Southern California day (aka yesterday). I had been out to run a few errands with the kids. We got back home and headed to the backyard to play before lunch. I put a bit of water in their water table and headed in the house for a wireless speaker to get their music going while they played. I arrived to our back door only to find that it was locked. Through some fluke I had accidentally locked my kids and myself outside. Our dog was the only one inside. How I wish she had hands instead of paws. She went in and out through her doggie door while we hung out in the backyard – stranded. It was lunch + nap time and I had no spare key. I couldn’t even drive us somewhere to get food because my car keys are attached to my house keys. Of course. I had to document this moment with a picture.

Thinking of a MASTER PLAN (1)My kids were none the wiser. They played at the water table the whole time. I stepped out in our driveway so they wouldn’t hear my phone calls. I called my husband who works over an hour away. I got his voicemail. He called back a bit later and tried to think of who might have our extra key. I called my next door neighbor. I was thinking that the kids and I might hang there while I figured out a solution. She was dropping her kids at summer school and headed back home. Being the amazing woman that she is, called AAA and had them come out and picked up lunch for the kids and I on her way home. In the same time, my husband had found a locksmith and his godparents were asking me to take a cab to their home until my husband got home from work.

We ended up staying at my neighbors and eating lunch until AAA showed up. They let us in and my kids just rolled on with the rest of our day. I on the other hand kept saying “there’s no place like home” in my head. I was determined to have a fun summer day with the water table, bubbles and music. That was my goal for the kiddos. It didn’t quite work that way. Obviously, I learned a few lessons along the way. Let’s talk about goals!

Things change? Roll with it. You never know what can happen to throw you off. I’d never locked myself out. Wasn’t expected but I had to roll with it.

Keep calm. My kids didn’t realize we were locked out. I kept my conversations out of earshot and kept my cool and smiley face in place. There’s no need for everyone to be frazzled when things go wrong. Just work on making it right.

Ask for help. I called people that I knew were at home and would help me. If an issue comes between you and your goals, there is no reason you have to figure it out all alone. If you’re already thrown off by a road block, having someone to talk it through with you can make all the difference.

And this last one goes without saying, right? In my situation, keep spare keys handy!

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  1. It sounds like you made the best of a situation that could’ve been not so great. Glad you had people that could help you in your time of need.

  2. You definitely handled that situation well. The last time I locked my keys in the car, my kids went into panic mode!

  3. This is a situation I dread. It hasn’t happened yet but what a great reminder to get spare keys. We only have 2 sets, and that is just asking for disaster.

  4. I have been locked out of my house before for hours and felt so helpless. It took the cop who lives across the street from me to break into my car to get to my garage door opener remote control, only to find that the garage door to the house was also locked. Lol. he had to break into my house too! We laugh about it now but I was pretty stressed that day

  5. How awesome that you had help in a rough situation. I once locked my oldest in the car and neighbors were around to help distract while AAA was getting me back in. It was so stressful and I was so thankful for the help while I was completely freaking out.

  6. We have a couple of close people who have spare keys (as well as my husband) to make sure that I can do something. Thankfully we also have nice neighbors who will let us chill for a while.

  7. I locked myself out of the house in the winter when I was 6 months pregnant with my first. At that time we had just been living there a short time and didn’t know anyone. I thought I would walk to my husbands work which was only about 7 miles away. I met a man standing beside a payphone that insisted I call some one and even paid for it. I couldn’t remember anyone’s phone number except my work’s so I called them. They called my husband and he came and picked me up off the side of the road. Fun times… 🙂
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  8. LOL! This reminds me of the day everything in my life went wrong—including locking myself out of my house! Luckily I had my phone and charger and decided to just sit outside on my patio and enjoy my backyard–which I didn’t do often enough. It made me realize that things could always be worse…
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  9. Oh, that is so frustrating. To add insult to injury, the dog could get in and out, but you couldn’t. I would have been desperate enough that I would have tried to get in through the doggie door.

  10. I loved how you made the best of a potentially bad situation. I myself have been locked out of the house, thanks to a very faulty storm door!! thankfully, we had a trusted neighbor with a spare key!!

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