The Miracle Morning! Have you heard of it? It seems everyone I know, including me, is on a mission to reclaim their mornings. It seems like all the good stuff has to happen in the morning to make it a great day. So as I’ve been planning and adding to my mornings, I’ve shared it with you here and here. I’m now jumping on the bandwagon. Ugh, I’m so not a bandwagon girl, but here we go. I’m reading the Miracle Morning. I got a free chapter from a podcast I listen to and I’m in! My mentors in business, friends and seriously seems like everyone on my Facebook timeline is into it. So while I dive in, I thought I’d share some things that I KNOW can start your day off on the wrong foot. Indulge me, will you?

5 Wrong Ways to Start Your DaySkipping breakfast – Big no-no, right? So many people do it though. Some people skip it as a way of dieting, others just don’t like to eat in the morning or don’t feel they have time.The thing is skipping breakfast, or any meal for that matter typically makes you gain weight. When you skip meals your body stops trusting you to feed it and holds on to everything you do feed it.

Looking at Facebook – Isn’t it crazy how this social website has become an integral part of our every day? Seriously! The thing is, it’s a black hole! Once you log on, it’s way to easy to get sucked in. Before you know it, a chunk of time has passed and you’re already behind on things you need to do.

Checking email – Same idea as above. Whatever it is can probably wait until you’ve had some grub, no? I used to check my work email as soon as I got up. It didn’t do anything but get me stressed about ALL the stuff I needed to do/fix once I got into the office. I could have saved myself the stress, enjoyed my morning and been in a better mood to deal with the stuff once I got there.

A loud alarm – My husband used to set our alarm to that annoying beep. It startles me every time. Because of it, I would wake up with a stank face + attitude because I was annoyed by the alarm. We’ve compromised and now wake up to music. And it starts out low and gradually cranks up. Perfection.

Rushing in the morning – This is an easy one to get caught up in. We tend to want to get a much sleep as we can. That leads to waking up at the last minute or over sleeping. So we end up making a mad dash through our morning routine. That rushing makes me cranky! My kids have no cares in the world and don’t care that we may be late for for whatever because they wanted to play with a toy or take forever to brush their teeth. They are unbothered. I am the opposite. lol To help with that, I end up doing as much as I can the night before so that their dragging in the morning doesn’t throw everything off. Also, becasue I’m less stressed they tend to move faster. Who knew?

One great way to start your morning is to remember this:

each new day


What’s your best tip for starting the day right?

40 comments on “5 Ways to Start Your Day All Wrong”

  1. My husband’s alarm used to be frogs going off and it drove me crazy!! I think the type of alarm you set makes a big difference in your morning!

  2. That loud beeping alarm is a HORRIBLE way to wake up. I know some people need loud noises (I am not one of them), but there has to be something better than that awful beeping.

  3. I started keeping my smart phone in the kitchen at night so I am not looking at it before I got to bed and when I wake up. I also think its a mistake to skip coffee 🙂

  4. These are some great tips! I have a bad habit of opening my work email! It either makes or breaks your day. Totally sucks when you get those stress emails…

  5. The book is great! I never fully jumped on the bandwagon but I did try. I’m guilty of 3 out of 5 ways staring my morning off wrong. Those emails get me every time!

  6. Another one is watching tv. At least for me it is. I’d cram in some tv time before the kids got up since the house was quiet. Problem is I didn’t want to get off of the couch and refocus. I wanted to finish my show! These are great suggestions. I struggle with breakfast. I’m not hungry when I first wake up. Then about an hour or two later when the kids are yapping at my feet and the day has long since started I’m starving

  7. I check instagram early in the mornings Facebook is last lol but I am so ashamed. I don’t even thank God for waking me up I just straight roll over and pick up my phone…wait I do go to my bible verse of the day first..whew now I don’t feel like such a devil
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  8. OMG I always rush my mornings! It can be so hard when you have a family but I know that I have to try to figure a way to keep the morning and day going great!

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