what's in a word camesha dot comDid you choose one? A word? At the beginning of the year, so many people were talking about choosing a word for the year. I remember in 2014 I chose the word BOLD. Believe it or not, I can be a bit of an introvert. Being bold wasn’t an easy thing for me. That’s why I chose that word. It helped me to force myself to do things and take chances that I usually wouldn’t. Stepping out of that comfort zone worked for me in 2014. I don’t remember if I chose a word for this year. If I did, I certainly don’t remember. That’s probably not a good sign. lol

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I’ve become a big fan of wearing my words lately. Whether it be on a tee shirt, around my neck, or on my wrist – I am a fan of sharing a bit of what I’m about with what I wear. That totally explains the graphic tees spilling out of my dresser.

Recently, I was scrolling through a shopping site and came across these bracelets. They said everything I strive to do and represent. I had to have them. I guess you could say they are my “words”.

my words empower hustle be bold
These bracelets are my constant reminders to do more. Be more. And live more.

Empower – My goal is to empower myself and other moms to not only reach for the stars but grab a few too.
Hustle – To make my own dreams reality, I have to hustle. Whether it be this business, my dreams for my family or anything else I’ve set my sights on. One big thing that helps to make it all happen is hustle.
Be Bold – Carrying over from last year’s word : bold. When you make those out of this world, girl are you crazy goals… you have to decide to be bold to see ANY of those things come true.

What’s one word or three that speak to what you’re about or working toward?

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  1. I love those bracelets and I think it’s awesome that you are focusing on words and bringing them to life in your own actions.

  2. Omg those bracketed are AWESOME!!! Omg totally something I need since I’m all about being positive and love positive words and sayings!

  3. I have not hear of this until now. I like the idea of it and I love your word Bold. I need to think about what word I would pick.

  4. I really like those bracelets… I would have a hard time choosing three words though. Would really have to do some thinking. I would have to have ones that I could explain when someone asks why I picked them lol

  5. I love words and so, every year, I pay attention to words that surface on the internet and in the news… For me, the one constant is GRATITUDE. I take that with me every where.

  6. Those are so pretty! My word for this year is Education. I want to learn as much as possible about my craft and be better every day!

  7. Those bracelets are cute, and provide a great message! I really like those three words as well! I’d like to be bold in everything that I do, especially with my faith, and my blog. I’d like to empower those who read it, and everyone who I come across in life. And I need to hustle and work hard to accomplish everything that I’d like to accomplish!
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  8. I would love one that said Willpower on it. I am trying to eat healthier and i do not always have the willpower to make the best choices.

  9. I love those bracelets. I didn’t choose a word at the beginning of the year, but if I can choose one now, it would be faith.

  10. LOVE! LOVE! the bracelets. I need those in my life. I set a phrase for 2015 which is “ready to receive” and I’ve been prepping my biz to be ready for all that is coming my way. I love setting intentions for the year to keep me focus and centered on what I’m working towards.

  11. I normally choose “love” or “joy,” but I think my word right now should be “fight.” I’m fighting against multiple myeloma, the symptoms of the treatments, the mental fog it brings as well as the fight against depression, unhappiness and anxiety. I’d like my words to be “peace” and “prosperity.” Then continue to live those words.

    Those bracelets are really nice – probably one of the best I’ve seen with words on them. I really enjoyed this post. #blmgirl
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  12. These bracelets are really cute. I love them, indeed to get some with my words. I like to have a word or inspiring scripture or quotetk meditate on.

  13. CONSISTENCY! That is my word for 2015 and honestly I’m still mastering it! I miss learning the no matter what happens in my life, in my fqmily, with my children or whatever I still have to pressay on and be consistent with my own goals. It’s so easy for me to scratch my goals off of my Neverending to do list and tend to everyone else’s needs but if I continue to do that then I am no closer to meeting my goals. So, yes CONSISTENCY is my word!

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