How to Find Your PeopleIt’s rare that I get some time alone in the car. My daughter is home with me full time and is my sidekick on all adventures until my son joins us after he’s out of school. It’s so unusual for me to be in a car by myself. When I am, I take advantage. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to some of my favorite podcasts. I know, “Oh, how exciting.” What can I say, I’m a little nerd. I mentioned my love of podcasts before. I’ll share my faves in another post.

When I try to listen to any of the podcasts with the kids in the car I’m always distracted. “Stop talking to your brother like that, did you throw that hat at your sister?” Or I’m answering all million of their questions. When I’m really trying to focus on something, they tend to kick their questions up a notch. Coincidence? lol

Recently, I was listening to a podcast and could totally relate to the lady speaking. She worked in television. DING Once she had children, her approach to her career changed. DING She was a producer in New York. I was a writer/producer in Los Angeles. We shared the same struggles to maintain that same excitement that we had for our careers before children. She felt like the demands of her job just became too much. DING

When I was in that situation, I rarely felt like people really understood. It was refreshing to hear someone saying the exact same things. She has since written a book and started a business all about time management. I can so relate to her! From the career to publishing a book and starting a business – we’re almost the same woman on different coasts. Ha! I’ve always felt like it’s so important to find your people. It could be because I’m an only child – who knows? We all need someone who gets us. Here are a few ways I’ve found “my people”.

When you find people who not onlyBlogging – This one is huge for me. When I started my mommy blog years ago, it was to connect with other new moms because I didn’t have any around me. It seriously opened up a whole new world of friends. Like, real friends. Who knew?

Working moms – Many of my people I met when I was still working outside the home. We had the same guilt, the same type of home life and the same balance struggle.

Podcasts – I’ve found many people who I can absolutely relate to. I’ve connected with some via Twitter + FB.

Other SAHM’s – Being a SAHM was new for me. It was awesome to connect with other women who have the same role.

Entrepreneurs – Building a business is crazy! I am thankful for all of the people I’ve found through FB groups and classes. It makes this journey much more doable!

There are people I can talk to about every area of my life and they get it. It’s a beautiful thing. A good way to find your people is by doing things you like. You’ll obviously find people with the same likes and connect over that.

Tell me, do you have any tips for finding your people? 


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  1. I think my life pretty much fits into those categories you have listed for the most part. I would take out the podcasts (because I don’t even really know what a podcast is) and substitute my workout mom friends.

  2. Love this post! It’s important to surround yourself with people who understand you and with whom you can relate. We all need that “connectedness”. For me it’s about reading and writing. I’ve met some wonderful ladies through the love with share of books! Happy blogging!

  3. I don’t have any tips, but I’m so glad to have yours! It is so important to be surrounded with people who “get” you. God has placed a couple in my life and I’m grateful. They are patient with me as I try to find my way in mommyhood and starting my own business!
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  4. I am a “midlife” blogger and I have found my people through Facebook blogging groups. Once I joined one group, I had invites from other groups. Blogging has been a huge help in me finding “my people”.
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  5. I belong to a fraternal organization that is one of the only ones in which women and children have just as much of a role as men. The Grange is very family oriented and community based. I found my tribe very early in life.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this, because I can completely relate. I recently started a book written by Shauna Niequist and I have to say I have never ever related to an author the way I do her. It’s like she’s in my head. I read her words and think “Yes! That’s SO ME!” which is really nice, because a lot of the time when I read things I just don’t relate at all. There is a real beauty in being able to say, “Me too.” It gives you that connect that we so deeply desire as thinking, feeling, emotional human beings. I love this post so much. I think it is awesome that you have found SO many different ways to find people you relate to! For me, bible studies have been a great route as have some of the homeschool groups I participate in. 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed this post. I’m a wife and mom. I currently work full time outside of the home. I find that I’m actually using blogging more than a hobby these days and more so looking for my tribe. The engagement is really helping. Even though we may just be gabbing over our favorite lipstick color, it’s something I LIKE and expressing what I LIKE (whether its frivolous or not) is somewhat therapeutic. #blmgirl
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  8. These are great ways to find your people. I have found my people on fb and through. I don’t get out much so my socializing is done online. Thanks for sharing

  9. I like to know about your tips on how to find others to chat with. For me, the WWW is the only option. But, at least I can contact people in a virtual world. Where would lonely aged people be without the net?

  10. I don’t have any tips of finding my people but I have found friends by starting my blog and partaking in online gatherings. Great post.

  11. Camesha, it’s so important to have a “tribe” online for support and encouragement, and I’ve found mind through my blog and blogging groups. Also it’s important to have friends in person, too, and I’ve connected with neighbors, fellow church members, and even just folks at the grocery store. If you are friendly and interested in others, it’s pretty easy to connect.
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  12. I like the friends aspect present in blogging too. I feel like it’s a wonderful way to connect with moms, bloggers, sponsors, etc. Blogging really does open a lot of doors.

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! It’s hard being an adult and finding “your people”. In high school and college you are all pretty much in the same stage in life but when you hit the real world and get a job or get married or have kids, the game changes. Great tips!!
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  14. Over this post. I really have no tips because I’m still struggling to find my people. I think it’s important to find but I’ve yet to get there. Maybe I should start listening to podcasts.

  15. definitely found my people at my daughters school. Other moms going through the same and just needed mommy time. Also through my mom shop I own and am working on growing it bigger each day. I have met some great ladies in a group I’m in for my shop!

  16. I have always been a fairly reserved person when it comes to meeting people. I’ve always bee. A social butterfly on social media. I think it’s bbecause I can speak without fear of judgement. When I starred my blog, I never realized how many moms that I would resonate with. I wasn’t timid to email others asking for opportunities. It’s been an amazing journey. I’m like you, my youngest is home with me all day unless my teenagers are out of school.

  17. When I lived in Orlando meeting mom friends was easy peasy! So many play groups you literally had to go draw from a hat which to go to! Here in WNY… Ugh shoot me! My networking friends are about it! Atleast we all have branding in common lol….

  18. I’m not that outgoing as to meeting people like that. My hubby is definitely just the opposite. People are drawn to him too. I wish I could be more like him.

  19. Great read, I don’t have kids yet but I do love Podcast. I always find the best nuggets and gems of advice from Podcast.

  20. I like this post. These are all wonderful tips. I agree it’s so important to find people we can relate and connect with. These are great ways to find people and I have found some goof friends on FaceBook.

  21. Yes! I could not agree more. You have to surround yourself with people who get you. I was fortunate to find people who got me and vise versa back in high school and a few before that, and here we are more than 20years later. Its great! Now through my blog I have found new women whom I can call friends who get me. Its so refreshing. I can’t wait to connect with more people where we get each other. =)

  22. It took me a while even with blogging. While blogging opened the door I still was skeptical how would blog buddies transfer over into real life. We all need that core of people who get us in each stage of our lives.
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  23. I have always used gaming forums to keep up with my tribe. I haven’t had time to play games in a couple of years, but there is one forum that I’ve been frequenting for over 15 years. The number of people posting there has dwindled, but I have so many fond memories with them.
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  24. Great post! I’d have to say that blogging has opened up and connected me with like minded people. Also being a military spouses and traveling to so many different places around the world has allowed me to connect with others who share the same interests and who are just like me a mom and military wife. I appreciate all of my friendships that I have developed over the years near and far.

  25. Finding my folks is very important and I try to stay open minded and excited about meeting new folks who are indeed my people. I’ve connected on the playground, at supermarket and at my daughter’s school.
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