Last week I talked about creating a morning routine. Mine is still a work in progress and I’m adding things as I go. I’m working little by little to create one that works for me and actually energizes me instead of piling on a bunch of things that will eventually drain me.

There is a song that has been in my head for months. I’m adding it to my morning. How great would it feel to have these words ring in your head first thing in the AM? I heard this over and over at Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend last year and I totally understand why. It absolutely puts you in the mindset of creating your best life!

I had a dream so big and loud
I jumped so high I touched the clouds
I stretched my hands out to the sky
We danced with monsters through the night

Just listening to the words resonated with me and what I’m creating and my intentions for the life I want. It got me to thinking about creating the best day of my life. What does that look like? Even bigger, if that’s the goal everyday then what does your amazing life look like? I have a few ideas on building it. Let me know what you think. Here are some thoughts for creating and living the life you really want:

  • Get clear on why you’re here. Take some time to discover your purpose. Spend some time figuring out your likes/dislikes. Zoom in on what’s working and what isn’t. Download this free worksheet for questions to ask and things to think about on the way to finding your purpose.
  • Decide what you want. Sometimes this sounds way easier than it is. Giving some thought to what you want can move you from going with the flow to rolling with intention.
  • Once you figure out what you want, set some straight up scary, out of your comfort zone goals and start taking steps in the direction of what you want. No matter how crazy it may seem to say what you want, you have to believe what you want is absolutely possible – because it is.
  • Keep your focus. For years I’ve lived by the phrase “what you focus on grows”. The things we give the most attention are the things we’ll see more of. You want to see more positivity? Focus on positive things. There’s no need to focus on having it all. That looks different for everyone anyway. Focus on what’s most important to you and grow from there. thankful
  • Don’t fear failure. No one is perfect. You won’t do everything right. When you fall, get up and think about this – did you learn something? Now start over with the lesson learned!

What does an amazing life look like to you?

65 comments on “5 Steps to Your Amazing Life”

  1. Focus is totally my issue. I am so scatterbrained sometimes that I forget what I want and move on to something else.

  2. Love your tips on focusing! You’re right, what we need and want is different for everyone. I should print out this post and reread it every week! Thanks for sharing!

  3. An amazing life is different for everyone. Mine is free of stress over money and health issues. Those can be big worries in life.

  4. I really need to focus more! I try and do 53829 at once and then foget what I’m even doing…. Ughhh

  5. I love the tips and the quote. If we’re always finding something that we don’t have, then I guess it’s hard to be happy, but when you’re grateful with what you have, you’ll have an amazing life.

  6. Wow you are really amazing, I lovw these tips Im thinking what you said on this blog, I didnt do any to set my goals. Just love your post thanks.

  7. This was an awesome post! I tend to psych myself out of accomplishing a task. For instance, I am about three chapters away from finishing my first novel, but I have worked on it for more than a year. I will set it on the back burner instead of focusing on it. Thanks for sharing #BLMGirl!
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  8. That’s a great quote. I need to step back more often and think about what I want and where I’m going.

  9. I love this post and all the tips. I’m working right now on creating a better routine for my days home with my children, so neither they nor I get to a point of frustration of being at home together.

  10. “what you focus on grows” I am so in love with this. I have thought about this phrase a lot lately. I just didn’t word it that way. Our thoughts are also so powerful. I find that when I focus a lot of attention towards certain thoughts or when they are more prominent in my mind, somehow they become reality. And now I’ll be thinking about what the perfect day would look like for me..hhmmm

    • Your’re so right. A friend once reminded me that our thoughts become words and words become actions. Those actions make up your life. I never forgot that. It says a lot about the power of thoughts + words.

  11. This post was right on time for me. I have been down lately focusing on what I don’t have neglecting what I really do have. I recently set some goals but after reading this I want to rewrite them I want some as you put it “straight up scary out of your comfort zone goals.”

    • Those scary goals are the best ones! I told myself a while back that if it made me nervous, I had to try it. It really helped me to be a more bold, brave version of myself and go after things I never would have.

  12. These are AWESOME tips and so in line with my life goals right now. Life can be so difficult and chaotic hen it lacks focus. I love that fact that by changing a few steps you can completely alter your day, your week, and your LIFE! I absolutely love your soundtrack to, btw. I need to come up with one for myself. Thanks for sharing!!!
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