Every where I turn someone is talking about the morning routine. Morning rituals and such are a big deal. I have been giving a lot of thought to my own. I am a bit tired of the whole roll out of bed into the shower jump right into the crazy of the day routine. I’d love to add some calm to it all to start my day. I know the minute my kids wake up – it’s go time! There’s no slowing that train down.

I had tried meditating in the morning. I was way too distracted. For now, I’ve moved that to the night time to help me relax. I really want to get something going for the morning. I’m thinking a little morning reading, workout, meditation combo of some sort. I’ve really jumped back into my self care lately. I’ve been figuring out a way to get some time for myself. That could look like grabbing breakfast with a friend, making appointments to pretty myself up a bit, eating much better, etc.

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It’s so true that a mom (or any person for that matter) who makes herself a priority is a better mom. I’m far more energized to rumble with my kiddos these days. I also feel better about me though. That is really important to me.

Whenever you hear about self care it’s usually the same things. Take a bath, get a mani/pedi. I was looking for some new things to do. I started thinking about unique options. I lucked up. Ever heard of a chocolate bath? Yup! It’s a thing! I stacked an e-book full of 30 ideas of things to put on your self care to do list! That’s right, the e-book is was working on is done! “It’s Not Selfish, It’s Survival” is an e-book + workbook combo! The book lays out some solid reasons that we NEED to take care! The workbook has exercises that will help you figure out what you need more of. It’s full of affirmations to keep you motivated to make yourself a priority! Learn more HERE:

Survival cover 3D

Tell me, how do you make yourself a priority? Or what stops you from making yourself a priority?

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  1. It’s SO important to take care of yourself. If you don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else.

  2. What an awesome idea for a book! As moms, we’re so used to taking care of everyone else that we forget how to take care of ourselves. I’ve been relaxing with a cup of tea after the dishes are done, or reading during my commute–but I’d love to check out the book for more ideas.
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  3. This is a great reminder that I should take care of myself. I get busy with work and family and forget to take care of me.

  4. I always feel too busy to stop for self care. I do try to spend time painting my nails or doing something I enjoy every so often though.

  5. For me, I always have a hard time maintaining my bedtime ritual while Husband is home because it’s hard for me to not go enjoy the cuddles while I still can (he’s in the Marine Corps). I’m getting better now that I work the night shift so he’s already asleep so it doesn’t matter as much, but sometimes bed is too enticing.
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  6. My morning ritual consists of sipping a cup of tea while I do race and back exercises. Then I meditate for about half an hour. Time flies. I rise from my chair, fully ready to face the day. Of course, you might need to wake 3/4 hour earlier than usual.

  7. Self care is very important. You should take care of yourself first before you can take care of other.

  8. Finding time for ourselves and creating a routine is sooo important but very easy to neglect. I have been trying to create a routine for me and my family for a while but it’s tough to ignore the “immediate” things and put time aside for ourselves. You’ve inspired me to do better with this.
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  9. Schools out, I have two teens at home. One is already in the bathroom or needing some kind of help. I end up letting myself go in the mean time. No excuse i should make time for myself.

  10. This was a great post. It is really important to take care of yourself and make sure you are happy. I do believe that saying, how can you be happy for anyone else when you’re not happy for yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I most certainly always put myself on the bottom of the “To Do” list. But in reality, we definitely need to take care of ourselves first so we can take care of others and feel better about ourselves.
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  12. Self care is very important, especially when you have kids to take care of. I learned the other day when I just started getting really upset and my mom said “Let’s get you out of the house” so she took me out when my husband got home from work. We NEED that! We need to get away every once in awhile just like my husband gets to get away from work on the weekend, I should get to get away from my job (staying at home with the kids) every once in a while too!
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  13. Taking care of yourself is so important! Being a mommy to a toddler it can be hard for me at times to do this, but it’s a must! You have to take care of yourself to be able to be happy and take care of others

  14. I really would love to develop a morning ritual. BUT I just can’t get into the habit of waking up early enough for self-care before work. That’s all going to change in a few months with the birth of my first baby. It’ll be important more than ever to take some time for myself when the baby is here.
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