• I don’t have time to sit in a bathtub
  • Who has money for the spa
  • Why even bother, the kids will interrupt anyway

Ever feel like you only give yourself what’s left? As moms, we’ve all done it. We take care of everyone else and we’re too exhausted to do anything for ourselves. Let’s fix that.


3So let’s stop treating it that way! If anyone needs self care, it’s moms. This book will guide you through self care practices to refresh you! Let me give you a hint: it’s WAY more than a mani/pedi! “It’s Not Selfish, It’s Survival” is a digital book + workbook combo to help you figure out the self care you need with 30 ideas to give your routine new life!

Survival cover 3D


  • It doesn’t have to take time away from your kids
  • It sets an example for your kids
  • It helps you set boundaries

This digital book is full of self care practices that you can easily do. Chocolate bath, anyone? Yep, it’s in there.

Survival cover 3D1