I have had a draft of this post in WordPress for a few years now. No lie. For the last few years I have been so motivated to have more, do more, be more and have my own. Some of that drive came from becoming a mom. Some of it came from watching some of my favorite mama moguls do what they do. It doesn’t matter that they have way more money or notoriety than I do, they still inspire me.

I learned from them and applied those things to my former mommy blog and now this space. I guess you could say the mamas I look up to are mentors in my head. They all have varying backgrounds. The thing that makes them stand out to me is that no matter the circumstances they found a way to make their mark.

camesha.com mentorSome of my favorite moms are Kimora Lee Simmons (who I’ve met on a few occasions) Tori Spelling, Bethenny Frankel, Jessica Alba + Jessica Simpson. These are just a few of the moms I heart and watch closely. I know some of them could be controversial choices but, hear me out!

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Before the current marriage drama, Tori Spelling was knee deep in building an empire. She had a children’s clothing line, books, stores and shows. She seemed to have a ton of ideas and found a way to make those things come to fruition. I respect that. She was really making the most of her name and growing a brand. Bethenny hustled through various business idea and reality shows until she hit it and hit it big. She’s been a natural food chef, she has best selling books and Skinnygirl is just out of this world successful. To have been able to watch so much of this growth take place in her tiny office apartment was motivating! Kimora Lee Simmons parlayed her modeling experience into a fashion empire and continues to re-invent herself. From Baby Phat to Just Fab and KLS, her brand continues to change as she changes. Her newest venture is a perfectly chic fit for where she is in her life now. She’s been a great example of letting your growth and maturity come out in your work. We evolve. Why wouldn’t our brands?

These ladies, along with the Jessicas (Simpson + Alba) have moved right on from their first careers to create really successful businesses. I mean, Jessica Simpson never needs to sing another note again if she doesn’t want to. I feel like for most of these women they really hit their stride after motherhood. Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is rooted in taking care of family. I understand that and I think that’s why they’re my mentors in my head. I started getting tons of inspiration and ideas once I became a mom. Did that happen for you too? It was like “oh, that’s where my creativity was hiding!” Watching these mamas keeps me inspired and motivated to keep checking things off my list. I’m hoping all of my dream chasing will inspire some other mamas much like these ladies inspire me.

Of course mentors aren’t reserved for business aspirations. I’ve managed to create a team of mentors for blogging, business, writing + mommyhood. Some are people I talk too, other are totally “in my head”.

Tell me, did your creativity spike like crazy after having kids? + Who are your mentors and how do they inspire you?

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  1. You picked some lovely role models. I feel bad for Tori- she has had a rough time of it with that husband of hers.

  2. Those are some great role models! I love my mom as mine, she is no longer with us but I have great memories. As for public figures I really admire Melissa Joan Hart, Jessica Alba and those who don’t throw their kids into the spotlight like Blake lively.

  3. I don’t think my creativity spiked too much after having kids. I did get to pool it into different things than before kids though.

  4. I had a child with some challenges and raising him was not an easy experience. My creativity had to spike, just to raise him successfully. Now, with a developmentally disabled brother in law (my husband is his guardian), I have to think outside the box once again.
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  5. All of these ladies have inspiring stories. They make perfect role models and I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing who inspires you.

  6. I became more creative when I had my daughter for sure! I am a crafting fool nowadays haha! My mentor has always been my mom <3

  7. Lots of great role models mentioned here. I always adored Tori and I grew up watching her on Beverly Hills 90210. I think my biggest inspiration in life was actually Stephen King and the classic writers like Austen, Dante and Tolkien. If I didn’t start reading them at such a young age I wouldn’t be the writer and person I am today.
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  8. To be honest, I don’t look at Celebrities as role models. Maybe because they live a different lifestyle. Those ladies that you chose seem like great moms.

  9. I don’t find celebrities to be mentors at all and I don’t follow any really either. As for mentors, I like to take inspiration from my fellow mummy bloggers, they are amazing ladies!

  10. thess are some great picks for role models!! I absolutely love Kimora!!! She’s a role model of mine too!!! A mommy and a total boss chick, I just love it!

  11. To be honest I think my creativity got less after having kiddos. I don’t really have a mentor except one special woman I consider my mom.

  12. I think it is great that these women are making a success for themselves. I think MOtherhod can send some women on the right path to finding their passions.

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