Last week, I was doing a little work on the computer. In the background, NBC’s The Voice was playing. I’m a sucker for music so eventually, I left my desk to sit in front of the television with my computer.

Performer after performer hit the stage. They all had a few things in common. They were talented and not above a particular age. As far as singing shows go, it was all the people you expect to see. Then came a man with a fascinating story. He worked for years as the chef for a famous comedy club here in the Los Angeles area. He was behind the scenes for over 20 years. When he finally retired and moved to Palm Springs, he decided to give what he loved a try. He had always been a singer and wanted to see what he could do with it. He started performing around Palm Springs. He found success and thought about his chances if he moved back to L.A.

dreams stonesHe ended up on The Voice. He’s 52 years old in a sea of twentysomethings and he’s going for it. He’s chasing the dream he’d buried for so long. I was nervous watching him perform. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the talent. I just really wanted him to get a shot at his dream. If you’ve watched The Voice before you know that while contestants sing the judges all have their backs to them. They sing their hearts out in hopes that someone will turn around and choose them for a team. So while this man sang his heart out I was hoping a chair would turn. He was getting near the end of his song when finally chairs started to turn! He was ecstatic. He’ll now be competing to be the winner of this huge show and taking his dreams even further.

If you can't stop thinking about it,There’s this thing about our dreams. The ones we really need to pursue, don’t go away. Those things we carry in our hearts for “someday” will keep bugging you until you give them voice (no pun intended). Watching this performance brought home the point that it’s NEVER too late to go for your dreams. We can’t use the excuse of age to talk us out of it either. The other thing that I thought is “what if?” What if he’d gone for it sooner? Could he have been further? While I’m all for going for what you want NOW, I also know that things happen in due time. This is apparently his time.

Do you have a dream that you’ve kept buried? What one thing can you do today to move a little bit closer?

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  1. That’s such an encouraging story! I don’t watch many singing shows anymore, because it is mostly all people the same age with fairly similar stories. A dream that I was running from was teaching. It’s something I’ve always thought about doing, but was too scared to take the standardized tests needed. Last year I finally took them and passed on the first try. Now I’m in the process of going back to finish the remaining classes I need to get certified.

  2. The Voice is such a great show. I am so happy he made it on a team, he is a great singer. My dream is to bowl on a professional level. I currently bowl in amateur tournaments and I am working my way up.

  3. I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant. I don’t know if I’ll ever pursue that dream though. It just seems like such a fun job.

  4. Mine is to hit the Powerball and never have to work again, I am moving toward it by buying a ticket! LOL 😉

    I don’t watch The Voice but love to hear about dream chasers just going for it! Never too early or too late to pursue a dream!

  5. Too many of us allow life to kill our dreams. Caregivers for the elderly or disabled, especially, have to put many of their dreams on hold. But not completely; dreams should never be put on hold forever. As long as you are alive, it is not too late to stop.
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  6. My career dream has changed, but I think at the same time, maybe it was just the same all along and I didn’t realize it. I’m living part of my career dream now and have the opportunity to make the rest of it a reality in the near future.
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  7. Maybe it’s great that he waited so long to go after his dream because now he knows that he is ready for it. When you are older, you really take less for granted than you did when you are younger.

  8. My dream is to buy a condo and retire in Florida. When i have the urge to splurge i remind myself of my goal.

  9. If I stay really late at my parent’s house and my brother is there, we go through a marathon of DVR’d The Voice and some other singing show that he watches. It always sucks me in, and the stories fascinate me. We usually find a few favorites to root for. I will have to ask my brother about this guy. My buried dream is to get published, which in this day and age is not that hard to do as it once was.
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