It was easy – before I became a mom. I was all about taking care of myself. I had hair appointments on the calendar every two weeks without fail. I had eyebrow appointments once a month. If I felt like a pedicure, I’d stop and get one. I was up every morning at 6 to hit the gym. I indulged in reading non stop and slept in without a care. Of course my world and my care changed when my little ones made their debut.

As their mom, I instinctively focused everything on them. I made sure their needs were met and that they were getting the care they needed from me. The consequence of that became me looking a bit different. Pregnancy had changed my body but I had a hard time finding time or energy to get to the gym. My hair appointments went from infrequent to non existent. I took to plucking my eyebrows when I thought about it and couldn’t seem to find the time for a pedicure. The books changed from biographies and romances to anything that rhymes and was authored by Dr Seuss. lol

running freeI realized that I hadn’t given much thought to self care before kids because before I became a mom it was just stuff I did. It didn’t have a name, it didn’t need one. I didn’t need to put thought to it. Now that self care is something I have to make time and intention for I appreciate it more. And I realize the necessity of it.

In order to have time for me, I have to carve it out. I have to make my family aware of what’s happening. I’ve realized that if I don’t make myself and my needs a priority no one knows what I need and no one else will make them a priority.

taking careI also discovered that it’s harder to put myself on the to do list. The thing is, it couldn’t be more important now. My kids need to see me take care of myself. They need to see me nurture, love myself and be a priority in my own life. How else can I tell them to do it? They follow what we DO, right?

What they see me do is workout in the morning. They see me read books and magazines that feed me in some way. Some substantial, some guilty pleasures. They see me take time for just me and their dad as well as girl time with my friends.

Tell me, what do your kids see you do to take care of yourself?

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43 comments on “Putting Self Care On The List”

  1. My kids know that I work out A LOT and eat right (for the most part), so I hope they are learning how important those things are to be healthy!

  2. Yes, it’s so important to take care of ourselves–especially when we have kids. In so many ways, I have seen my daughter model what I do. But she’s also is the voice that reminds me when I’m working too hard and it’s time for play. The key is not to feel GUILTY about doing what makes us feel good. Often easier said than done. Kudos to you for making yourself a priority!

  3. My son sees me exercise at home or go run in our neighborhood of the park. He was there when I ran my very first race. He sees me garden and plant beautiful flowers and food. He sees his dad and I go out just the two of us. He also sees me go out for an evening or weekends with my girlfriends.
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  4. I take my littlest guy with me to get my facial. The office loves seeing him. Every morning my older kids wake up to see me working out. I’m not a morning person and they know that, but I have made an effort to get up before them to fit it into my busy schedule. Me time is important.
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  5. Well I have my showers and bubble baths and pluck my eye brows. Not much else I really have time for right now, but maybe as they get old I will take interest in make up or something!

    • I let the eyebrows go sometimes. I just let my bangs grow long enough to cover them. Terrible, right???

  6. As a newly divorced single mom I really saw it was no longer about me. I had to slowly take back my time for me. I think it’s healthy for him to see me taking that time whether it’s Crossfit, choosing to read independently or a good lay on the couch.

  7. I think the older your kids get, the easier this becomes. They let go a wee bit, you learn to see it’s ok to do things for yourself. Time flies, just enjoy!

  8. Great post! I try to get at least 15 minutes of time to myself – 30 or a full 60 would be much better but some days it’s just not possible if I want to actually get some sleep! I have been carving out time to get myself walking 2-3 times a week and I tell them its so I can keep up with them!
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  9. It’s so hard to find the time for yourself but so necessary. I believe each mom needs to give herself the oxygen first and then she can help her family.

  10. As a kid I hardly ever saw my mom take care of herself. I don’t want to do that to my kids. They see me work out and blog – for ME 🙂

  11. Having “me” time is part of who I am. I have always been independent, and being married has not stopped that piece. Now with two daughters I want them to enjoy being themselves as well. “Me” time is soooo important.

  12. I love this post and am all about not only practicing self-care, but making sure my kids see me doing it and understanding why I do. Our kids see hubby and I going on dates. They see me going out with my friends, and going to get my hair done or just have my “mommy break”. I’ll definitely have to check out this empowerment tour.
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  13. Oh Carmesha, I feel you on this one. I have never been one to put myself first and finding it even hard now that we have six kids. Kind of ironic huh? We are so important to our family. I thinking “Carving” time is probably the best way to put it. Thank you for sharing with us with luck you get a little time for yourself and make you health appointments.
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