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How to live the Celeb Life


Love it or hate it, becoming a celebrity pretty much guarantees your spot as a role model. Many complain about it, some embrace it and others just shrug it off.  One thing is for sure; kids gravitate to celebrities and emulate them – good and bad. What is it about these people that make our […] Read more…

Has Your Dream Expired?


What if I told you that your dreams don’t expire? What if you just found out that you’re not too old to make your dreams come true? Well, guess what? All of the above is TRUE! For a while, I thought that I’d missed out on doing the things I really wanted to do. For […] Read more…

Notes to My 20s from My 30s


Now that I’m WELL into my 30s there are some things that I wish I had known in my 20s. I think I’d be a little further in life if I’d learned some lessons sooner. Here’s my top six list of things I wish I had known in my 20s. Let’s count backwards (David Letterman-style) […] Read more…

Being Ugly Ain’t Cute


Sometimes we hit it out of the park. Sometimes we don’t even come close. Sometimes we excel and sometimes we flat out fail. To be able to admit those shortcomings can be life changing. To be unwilling to ever be wrong, ever in life is just flat out foolish. Enter the two owners of Amy’s […] Read more…

Five Ways to Get Your Life


“Storms make oaks take root.” – Proverb There’s no doubt that no two people are the same. There is also no doubt that we all experience some of the same things. It’s been said that into every life some rain must fall. Well, there have been times where I felt like there was a storm […] Read more…