There’s something that bothers me every time I hear it or read it. It’s when I hear people talk about what a real woman is or what a real woman looks like.

Things like “real women have curves.” Or “why doesn’t anyone on TV have a real woman’s body?”  And “Of course she looks like that. She’s a model. She’s not a real woman.” There are many circumstances where this whole real woman thing is thrown around. It irks me. Full disclosure: I did model for a minute. I was tall and naturally slim. I did work out though and totally watched what I ate. I don’t do that as much now. Getting better though. I guess I look more “real” now? LOL!

I don’t think “real women” all look a certain way. What if younger women with perky boobs walked around talking about “real women don’t need bras”. Silly, right? I think it’s all silly. Some of us have a belly, some of us have a whole lot of booty, some of us are hippy while others have NO hips at all. Some of us have stretch marks, others don’t. Who is to say which of these features makes us “real”?

It just feels like another way to divide women. Don’t we do that enough of that with the good ol “mom wars.” Can’t we just be women, moms, real – all of us?

real womanEverybody has something they’d like to change on their body. More boobs, more booty, flat tummy – something. Just because someone else has all the changes I’d like to make doesn’t make them any less of a real woman. Maybe she worked her arse off to get the body she has. Maybe she has a live in chef and a personal trainer that comes to her house every day to get her right. Great! If I had the money, I probably would too!

I’d love to have Naomi Camplbell’s legs and Gisele Bundchen’s chiseled stomach. Boobs that don’t require a push to be perky would be nice. I’m still a real woman though. My calves could be bigger but I’m cool if they stay the way they are. After two kids, I have more tummy than I’d like but I’ve been working on it and the changes are real. Another “perk” of having and nursing two kids, my boobs are a lost cause. I have some good bras though! My body is amazing. It does amazing things. Anything else is just icing on an already pretty sweet cake. Guess what? The same is true for you. That’s real.

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  1. This post is amazing and I agree! I don’t like when people say “real women have curves.” Real women look like whatever you are. Every woman is a real woman and it is silly to try to degrade women with these odd expressions. No one should be putting others down to make others (or themselves) feel better.

  2. No body type should be insulted, especially in favor of another. Body image is important and too many women are ashamed of their body or weight or size or shape.

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