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bibs & baubles

Chasing Butterflies


There are some things, some moments that leave me feeling like, “yes, this is how life should be”. I love those moments. They’re always simple. They’re always free. I had a moment like that with my babies last weekend. We spent part of the day at the beach. Instead of spending all of our time […] Read more…

Currently … A Birthday + Wonder Woman


Listening – Nada. Half talking to my husband while I type. Eating – Pistachios. I bought a bag to make my own trail mix. So far, I’ve just been eating the pistachios. I really should just mix the stuff already. Drinking – Iced tea. I’m a sucker for tea – hot or cold. Wearing – […] Read more…

10 Life Changing Moments


Recently, I was checking out People magazine. So random, I know. There was an article with Matthew McConaughey where he shared 10 life changing moments. It got me to thinking about my own life. I started to think about those moments that completely turned my life upside down.  There have definitely been MORE than 10. But […] Read more…

What’s a Real Woman


There’s something that bothers me every time I hear it or read it. It’s when I hear people talk about what a real woman is or what a real woman looks like. Things like “real women have curves.” Or “why doesn’t anyone on TV have a real woman’s body?”  And “Of course she looks like […] Read more…