It’s been a while since I’ve done a “what I’m feeling Friday” post. There are a few reasons for this. I’ve been busy, I’ve been uninspired, I’ve been busy… Then I got a little inspiration in a small case.

Firmoo caseI was given the opportunity to try some glasses from Firmoo. I had heard of the site before. I was intrigued by how it all worked. I don’t need glasses, I just like to wear them. I see them as yet another accessory. My husband needs and wears glasses. He is not amused. Sorry, honey.

I have about five pair of non-prescription glasses. I pull out my specs when I’m tired and want to conceal the luggage under my eyes. I wear them to compliment what I’m wearing. I just like them. So when I was offered the opportunity to try some specs from Firmoo, I was all for it!  There are lots of cool glasses on their site, it was easy to find some to fall in love with. I went straight for these beauties.

firmooI a fan of tortoise frames.  The unique thing is the pop of teal on the bottom. They’re different and I had to have them. It was pretty easy to order. You’re given options along to way to completely walk you through it all – making it very simple. Need to add a transition lens? No problem. Want to add a little tint? Just tell them how much and what color. Done.

Once I received my glasses, I was impressed. Not only do they come in this durable case, there’s always a cloth included to clean my lens. Also included is a softer case and a nifty little key chain that houses two tiny screwdrivers for quick fixes.

Firmoo keychainI really felt like they’d thought of everything. It doesn’t hurt that they’re glasses aren’t crazy expensive either. It all works for me!

Firmoo offers prescription, non-prescription and shades with a ton of frames to choose from. I have already found at least two other frames that I’m crushing on! Maybe this time I’ll opt for shades though. I don’t want to keep offending the Mister and his glasses. 🙂

Have you heard of Firmoo? Have you tried them before?

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of glasses for review.

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34 comments on “What I’m Feeling Friday… Firmoo!”

  1. These frames are so hot! I love them and you make them pop even more. Total gorgeous. I have tired eyes so that’s a neat trick. Will have to try that.

  2. I had never heard of this company before your post and now want to check it out. I wear prescription glasses and had never heard of a person who did not need glasses wearing them as a fashion accessory.

  3. I LOVE the glasses you picked! They suit your face and I love the pattern and colour. I will be going to Firmoo for my next pair.

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