Whenever I’m in a car by myself, I sing. It never fails. I sing – HARD! You would think I’m in concert. For the longest time, I thought I could actually carry a tune. So much so that I considered recording myself and posting it on YouTube. I was singing a gospel song and wanted to share the inspiration I was feeling.

There I was, on the road to San Jose. I was headed to see Oprah and I was rolling solo. No husband, no kids – just me time. I was singing my heart out. So, I hit record. Then I played it back. Thank the LAWD I played it back and wasn’t so bold to immediately post it. Oh my goodness, everyone I know would have judged me. Yes, I had a cold and sounded all kinds of nasal – but still. I was shocked that I sounded so not good. Here’s a shot of me singing my face off.

sangDon’t even try to hit  that little triangle to have a listen. It’s  a screen shot. You don’t want to hear my nasally crooning. Trust me! You’re welcome.

When I listened to the recording, my little feelings were hurt. I felt like I had just found out a secret so old that someone should have told me a long time ago. It doesn’t mean I’m going to quit singing though. It’s my release, y’all. I just won’t be trying to go on the road with it!

I was able to pull a few lessons from my singing mishap.

1 – Ignorance is bliss. You can believe you’re really good at something and as long as you don’t know you suck, life is grand. All that stuff you love doing – keep doing it. Even if yous suck, it’s worth doing it it makes you happy.

2 – Know your limits. I knew that video was not ready for prime time so I had enough sense to keep it to myself. It’s always good to know when enough is enough and be OK with pulling the plug.

3 – Know when it just doesn’t fit. One lesson that came through from the Life You Want Tour was Iyanla talking about not forcing yourself where you don’t fit. It’s like squeezing yourself into a dress that is two sizes too small. It doesn’t fit. It looks bad. You don’t even feel good about it. That applies to other areas of life too. If it doesn’t work – consider letting it go. At the very least, don’t post it to Facebook. 🙂

When is the last time you laughed at yourself?


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  1. Don’t force yourself where you don’t fit is really good advice and something I have learned through the aging process. Be yourself, embrace your life and that is all that really matters. Everything else will come in due course.

  2. How fun! My kids recorded me once being silly and singing and I couldn’t help but laugh. I sound terrible, even my voice when recorded just talking it’s all good:)

  3. I sign in the car when I am alone now. One time when my son was younger he was with me and my favorite song came on. I started singing and he asked me to stop. He said I was going to make his ears bleed. I didn’t think it was funny at the time, but now I laugh about it.

  4. Think how much better the world would be if people took more time to laugh (even at themselves) and less time being mad or offended about everything? I do my share of silly things and my little ones aren’t shy about letting me know about it and it makes me smile every time.
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  5. Bahahahaha!!! I LOL’d at you discovering that you sounded bad, because that is so me! I love to sing…however I don’t sound so great on recordings. Great advice, it’s nice to learn and laugh at what doesn’t work for you. And I love the fact that you said you don’t necessarily have to stop doing it, you just may not want to post in on social media for the world to see/hear! 🙂

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