Is it crazy that I want to be in a reality show? Not one for television. I just want to have one for my own personal use. Here’s the reason. I feel like it’s hitting me more and more that my babies are growing up  way too fast. I don’t want to forget a moment of their childhood. I’m not even talking about the big milestones. I’m talking about the way my daughter’s ‘R” sounds like “W”. So she says “Fwozen” and “Gwanny”. It’s too cute. I don’t want to forget what that sounds like. Or how my son gets so concerned when his baby sister is upset and offers her a toy to “feel her better”.

december dump 1278There are all of these moments I want to keep. I want to be able to replay them because I know as time goes on I won’t remember every single thing. And I want to remember every single thing. I love how much they still want to snuggle with me. I love how their little hands feel clutching mine. I love how my daughter plays at the park and randomly stops to say “Mommy, I love you in my heart.”

december dump 1596I pray that my babies will stay as close to me as  I am to my own mom. There’s never been a time that we weren’t close. I want that with my own babies.

To make up for my not having a reality crew following our every moment, I tend to take a million pictures and videos of them. I take so many pictures that they request them. I need to get a bit more sly with my moment capturing obsession.

december dump 1322I’m pretty sure this is why people keep having babies. You watch your kids grow up before your eyes. You begin to realize that time does move way too fast. The next thing you know, there’s another baby on the way. I’m not there. I don’t feel the need to grow our family. I just really want to enjoy each moment with my babies. I want to make sure I’m present for the big ones and the small ones. They are awesome little people. Watching them learn and grow and figure things out does my heart all kinds of good. Even though I can’t capture every moment, I am making a point to live every moment  – eyes and heart wide open.


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  1. I know the feeling. I need to do a better job at capturing my daughter’s daily life because it does seem like she is talking more and more and is becoming more clear with each passing day.

    I wouldn’t want to be on a reality show but I wouldn’t mind someone documenting our lives so we can watch when we’re older :-D.
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  2. Yes yes yes! This is why I take so many pitcures! I just want to remember everything. I’m seriously thinking about starting to take more videos too. I want to remember how it sounds when he calls me Mama.

  3. It is amazing how fast they grow up. One minute you are hold them in your arms and the next they are turning 18. I took lots and lots of pictures.

  4. When kiddo was about 3-4 she would say destructions instead of instructions. We still say that to her. She also would say collage cheese instead of cottage cheese. We still say that too from time to time. It seems like you will forget things as each new day brings more. But, you’ll always remember and something will always trigger a memory you thoughts you might forget.
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  5. I totally agree with you, this is why I do take so many pictures of my kids and actually why I blog. I’ve loved ever second of doing my blog not just for myself but for what I hope my children will enjoy of it when they get older.
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  6. Sometimes I think we all want that reality show camera so we can look back and watch videos of our kids. They grow so incredibly fast that we forget that we go weeks without taking videos of them. Thanks for the reminder to take more videos!

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