When I was younger my mom noticed an issue with me. I would have mounds of stuff to do and I’d wait until the last possible moment to get things done. It drove her bananas. She’d always be on my case about procrastinating! Which, of course, drove me nuts. In my head, if something wasn’t due right away, I had time. And I’d take my time. The problem was I took ALL OF THE TIME and then tried to make things happen when there was NO time!

This lead to rush jobs, needless frustration and left me open to all kinds of mistakes because I was simply moving too fast. In some cases, I just missed the boat altogether. The only upside – I began to get really good and working under pressure. This totally helped me in my television career. Everything is needed ASAYesterday.

The other thing I’ve been guilty of is giving myself too many things to do. So then it’s nearly impossible to focus and get things done. But, I was “busy” so it didn’t look like procrastinating. I just looked overwhelmed. Any body else been guilty of this?

While I still thrive under a deadline, I try to manage my things better so that procrastination and I don’t remain on a first name basis. I don’t want to be his boo.

Get Ish Done Challenge

It has only be in the last few years that I have gotten myself together and stepped of of procrastination station. I tend to move on things right away. If I have a thought about something, I try to implement it at that next possible opportunity. I remember a co-worker pointing this out to me. She mentioned that she admired how I’d talk about something and the next thing she knew, I was doing it.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized I had made HUGE progress on my anti-procrastination campaign. Yay me!

Not too long ago I posted one of my daily Mama Tips on my Facebook page. “What idea have you been sitting on? Make one small step toward it today.” A reader responded that she had done just that and moved on something that she’d wanted to make happen. Too many times we get overwhelmed with stuff we need to do + want to do and then we end up doing nothing. We say we’ll do it later and somehow later never comes. Procrastination is a beast, y’all! This got me to thinking, it will be January before we know it. We will all make resolutions, intentions + promises to ourselves. How about we got tackle this procrastination thing now so that we’ll actually make some of those resolutions, intentions + promises happen!

Join me on the FREE 5 day “Get Ish Done” challenge to kick “I’ll do it later” in the boo-tay and make some real progress on the things you want to do/need to do. You in? Just sign up below and I’ll hit your inbox with the goodness. It all starts Monday, December 8th!

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You know my story. What’s your number one reason for not getting stuff done?


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  1. I am totally the way you were when you were younger. I always wait until the last minute. I usually work better under pressure – but it would be nice to not be cramming last minute!

  2. Ah procrastination has always been a great friend of mine… or should that be not great! I really need a kick in the behind to switch off my computer and phone, go for a walk, get fit and lose some weight!

  3. looks like i missed the challenge, camesha – but what a GREAT topic! something i have definitely struggled with throughout my life. i get a lot done – a lot of good stuff. but i use that famous line “i do my best work under pressure” far too often.
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