Recently, I was checking out People magazine. So random, I know. There was an article with Matthew McConaughey where he shared 10 life changing moments. It got me to thinking about my own life. I started to think about those moments that completely turned my life upside down.  There have definitely been MORE than 10. But I’ll start there.

10 moments

Watching “A Different World”  – This show was life changing for me. Every week, I got a preview into college life.  I loved it. I knew I was going to college but watching  “A Different World” made me know that college life was something I wanted. I couldn’t wait to get there.

Moving to Los Angeles – I was the same girl who always said I never even wanted to visit California because “the ground shakes”. After one visit, I was sold and moved here a few months later.

Moving to Los Angeles unemployed – Once I decided I would move to Los Angeles, I quit my job in local television and was determined to find a job once I arrived. Looking back, I know that was CRAZY! I’m happy it paid off though!

Alumni mixer – Once I settled in to life in Los Angeles, I got involved in my college alumni chapter. I attended  a mixer at a restaurant one February night and met the man who would become my husband.

my lifeBirth of my son – Becoming a mom was a total life changing moment. There were all these questions of what do I do? How does this go?

Birth of my daughter – Going from a mom of one to two was a big deal. I wasn’t sure how I was going to split my heart in two. I didn’t want one child to get the short end of the stick. I was so nervous about being able to be enough for them both.

Paris – When my 30th birthday was approaching, I decided I wanted to do something big. I felt like it was a monumental age and I wanted to celebrate. So, I decided I wanted to turn 30 in Paris. My then boyfriend/now husband and I went together. That’s where he decided to pop the question. I am now completely obsessed with all things Parisian.

I do – Getting married was a life changer for all the reasons that it’s supposed to be. Before my husband, I couldn’t really see myself as a wife. I’d thought about it but with him I could SEE it.

Getting a job at the Style Network – Before moving here, I knew where I wanted to work. The Style Network. It was all about everything I loved. Fashion, aspirational living and beauty. I felt like it was a perfect fit. It took me two years of being in L.A. for that to become reality. It was a fabulous as I’d imagined it would be.

Oprah “Life You Want” weekend – My media pass was approved and I’ll be headed there this weekend. Everyone I know who’s been have only had two words to say “life changing”. I am so looking forward to it. I’ll be taking notes so I can tell you all about it!

What moments have completely changed your life?

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  1. wow, this is really cool. You have had some amazing experiences. That was really brave to move to LA without a job! That is great that it all worked out though. I have always wanted to work in that type of field. Congrats to you!!

  2. What a great idea for a blog post – I loved reading through all of your moments! 🙂 I can totally relate – we just had our 2nd baby boy in October and I was so worried about how I could possibly love another child so much, but you just DO! You grow another heart, I swear <3

  3. Gosh I’m super emotional and this just made me even more emotional. How beautiful it is to reflect on your life and share your life changing moments. Love this.

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