It all started so simple. As a family, we have to do 15 service hours with my sons school. There are many opportunities to volunteer and fulfill those hours. My husband volunteered a few weeks ago when they had food truck night. This weekend was my turn. I volunteered to help out with the school’s carnival. I showed up and was asked to work the booth with the goldfish.

IMG_8407You know the one where you throw ping pong balls into a fish bowl to win a gold fish? It went well. With good company, the three hours I spent in the booth went by pretty quickly.

My family hung out and hit up the games and rides while I worked the booth. I joined them after. From the booth, I saw my son and his friend on a roller coaster, and this crazy ride.

the dropI thought he’d be too scared for all of that. He proved me wrong. The kids had a great time!

driversDuring my time in the booth, my family came by and played a round or two. Wouldn’t you know both of my kids left with a fish. They were super excited about it. My son named his fish “Hooper” and my daughter named hers “Fish”.

While it was cool to see them excited about a new pet, I also started to think about taking care of another pet. Fish are pretty easy but they are still ONE more responsibility. We already have a dog. On Sunday, my husband headed to the pet store to get our new pets a home. He got them all set up in their new tank. They had a new friend (an algae eater) and they seemed to be happy! They were swimming around like crazy, checking out their new digs.

FISHThen one of the fish started slowing down,way down. My husband noticed it first.I heard him across the room saying, “I don’t think this one is going to make it.” Not the words I wanted to hear – AT ALL. As he predicted, my daughters fish kicked the bucket, gave up the ghost, took a walk on the dark side. Yes, “Fish” is gone. After being in our family for one day, it’s a done deal. Now I am thinking about what the heck I’ll be dealing with in the morning when my kids wake up. Ugh! This is one of those moments they talked about on 80s sitcoms. I really should have been taking notes. I’m hoping they don’t notice? That’s what we get for bringing home stressed out carnival fish.

Any ideas on what I should tell them? How was your weekend? It has to be better than my dead fish saga!

*the fish closest to the top of the tank is “Fish” RIP

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  1. We have yet to get a fish as a pet but my parents went to FL this summer and bought all their grandkids a hermit crab. Well we were the first to buy a tank so guess who got to keep ALL the crabs? LOL yes we still have all the crabs and it’s almost November lol

  2. Prize fish never make it. They spend (gosh knows how long) all day confined and their water isn’t cleaned. Then, they are shocked when they get put in their new home. It sucks. We have fish and we buy them from our local fish shop.

    I wish I had some words to tell you. Kiddo has had fish her whole life so she just got used to understanding that sometimes fish don’t make it. When one passes, we let some time pass and then we go pick out another one, or two.
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  3. Poor Fishy, LOL! When my daughter’s fish died I told her he went to be with Jesus. That’s all I could think of in the moment. The carnival looks real nice for a school carnival and that’s so dope that all the parents volunteer through out the year!
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  4. I know when we were kids we always brought home a fish from the carnival. I don’t think any of them ever made it more than a day. I never let my son play the fish game at the carnival.

  5. So sad about the fish dying! We have 2 tanks and I still get upset when one of mine dies which isn’t often! Carnivals shouldn’t give them out unless they send home proper tanks etc IMO. A lot of people win them and have no idea – they are a lot of work!

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