It’s a milestone that I look forward to and at the same time, it stresses me out. Potty training.  My son is almost five years old so, of course, I’ve been down this road before. The problem is, I don’t remember a whole lot about it. Did I just block it out? Maybe. LOL!

Well, now it’s time to head down this road again. My daughter turned two over the summer and we’ve been taking steps towards potty training her. My sweet girl has her own ideas about potty training – and everything else. I mean, this is the girl who sports sunglasses to her art class.

Sept 22 046It seems more complicated this time around. I was working full time when my son was at this stage. We started the potty training journey at home and then his day care took it from there. I didn’t have to worry about running around during the day for errands and drop off/pick up with him. With our daughter, now that I’m at home, we seem to always be on the go. I’m not looking forward to not getting to the potty in time while we’re out and having the whole back seat soaked. We have a travel potty in the car to help with this, but still.

I decided to give Pull Up’s a try. My thought is that we can still carry on with potty training without having the anxiety about possible accidents. Here’s how we’re setting the stage for potty training success around here!

oct 14 pics 203I know the  Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pull-Up’s aren’t very girly. What can I say? Her big brother likes Jake, so she likes him too. The next pack she’ll be rocking will be Doc McStuffins! 😉

  • Our plan of action so far has been to keep the potty handy. Wherever we are in the house, it goes where we go. Gotta keep it near because you never really know when the feeling will strike.
  • We have a Huggies potty training DVD that my daughter has watched a few times. She likes to remind me “I’m a big kid now!”
  • I want to make it fun so sometimes we sing songs while she’s going.
  • We celebrate big time she she actually makes it to the potty in time.
  • We also have a potty book that I’ve read to her a few times. Sometimes she looks at it or other books while she’s on the potty.

oct 14 pics 206She’s starting to tell me when she has to go now. Most times, it’s a false alarm. She’s getting there though. I am looking forward to getting through this stage. It’s still kind of sad though because she’s our last baby. When each stage ends with her, it’s bittersweet. I’ll be happy to not carry a diaper bag though. I hardly EVER carry a purse. So yeah, that will be a perk of potty training success!

We’re enrolled in the Big Kid Academy to help in our journey. The Big Kid Academy offers personalized potty training advice based on what stage we’re in on your potty training journey. There are also tips and advice from the experts (other parents and medical professionals). The “My Pull-Ups®” page is gets my daughter involved with potty training activities. It’s a great resource.

Are you in potty training mode?

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Pull-Ups®

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61 comments on “Potty Training Journey : Numero Dos”

  1. Potty training for girls from what I’ve heard was much more easier than with boys and I found that to be true. Like you the babysitter helped out with my son but I was on my own with my daughter and I took out a week of no errands and such and we knocked it out.

    I would say consistency is key. I hope the saying is true for you I think we were done in about 5 days. We had a few accidents here and there but she learned quickly.

    Sidenote: HOW is she 2 already. Time flies!
    Mimi recently posted…{The Lovely Everyday} A Week in PhotosMy Profile

  2. It was great to read what you’re doing as my son will be two in four months and we’ll start thinking about potty training him. He’s already gone on the potty twice and used it both times so we’re getting there 🙂

  3. waittt… wasn’t she just born? Like forreal!

    Potty training girls is pretty easy. There is no aim and point lol. Like Mimi I took some time and just got it done. she had a few accidents here and there but they were fer and far between. Her biggest thing was wearing panties. She wanted to wear them so bad that I told her if she had accidents in them we had to go back to diapers. That worked well for us.

    P.S unless they make pull ups different now, the boys pull ups dont provide th4e same leak coverage as girls
    Krissy recently posted…Wordless Wednesday : the birthday guyMy Profile

  4. Oh good luck with this stage! I was there just a couple months ago with my 3 year old son. We tried it before that, but he wasn’t ready. But after his 3rd birthday, we told him he was a big boy now and needed to use the toilet like everyone else! He was pretty excited, actually. LOL.

    And yes, not carrying around a diaper bag was definitely a perk! BUT, you’ll have to carry at least a cute little kiddie bag to store a change of undies and clothes. You know, for those accidents that will happen once in a while! 😉
    Janice recently posted…Photography :: High School VolleyballMy Profile

  5. Hahah that picture of her made me crack up for some reason. She’s just too cute! I don’t have any kids but I used to be a nanny so I remember those potty training days!

  6. I’m in the process for the 4th and final time! I keep telling myself that I’ve done this successfully 3 times before, and all of my boys were potty trained by no later just over 3 years old. It’s time for me to get serious with my (2 months until he’s) 3 year old baby! Then we will be diaper bag free!
    Angela Livingston recently posted…Working smarter with CascadeMy Profile

  7. Potty training can be really challenging but it looks like you are really prepared. I remember my little brother used to go into the corner and go to the potty with his pamper on. He refused to go to the potty. It was the funniest thing to see this little kid over in the corner straining with his eyes closed. People would be like ummm what is he doing and I’d just be like oh he’s going to the potty lol
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  8. Potty training was an adventure with both my kids. Pull UPS definitely helped us through it. I think ours were Barney pattern.

  9. My granddaughter is 1 1/2 and potty training so well!! I have to laugh because my youngest son had such a hard time he wasn’t ready for a good long while. And I remember my oldest son (baby’s dad) telling me his baby would be ready by two and I laughed at him, but he’s not wrong. I think he got lucky by his prediction. 😉 Kids go at their own pace, and that’s totally fine. 🙂

  10. She’s adorable! I always found my girls were quick when it came to the toilet! We never used a potty, but one of those Princess seats on the toilet and it helped a ton! My boys got a Cars one and Thomas:) we also used pull ups for nights! good luck!

  11. Pull ups were a lifesaver in our house with my son. I’m hoping my daughter potty trains easier than he did, he just screamed whenever he went near it and wasn’t using it regularly until he was almost 4

  12. I need to get Zoe a potty book. She is three and takes an interest sometimes, so we haven’t exactly been so diligent in sticking to it. She uses Pull-Ups and we’ve been just throwing her on the potty every few minutes or so.

  13. I don’t have kids yet so I am not dealing with potty training. I always talk to my mom friends about this topic though. It seems like a challenging time!

  14. My little guy is turning two very soon, and I have a feeling it’s going to be harder to potty train him than his sister. Either way, I keep an extra potty seat in the car. I think this time when it’s time, I’ll be ready! (famous last words!)
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