Everybody has a talent
Everybody has something to give
All of us has something we’re good at
All of us have a gift that makes us
Special and unique

We hear it all the time. It’s repeated over and over again to remind us of what we’re capable of.  Everyone has a special something – a talent. My kids love that song on Yo Gabba Gabba. OK, I really like it too.

But what if your talent is you being  really good at continually and successfully getting in your own way? Yes, that can be a talent. If it’s something you’re good at, and makes you special and unique. It qualifies as a talent. Don’t look at me like that. I’m just telling you what Yo Gabba Gabba says.

It’s no secret that we’ve all been guilty of it at some point. Along the way there’s been something that we’ve really wanted to do. The problem could be a little voice in our heads saying all sorts of things that we choose to believe. When it comes to something we really want to do, we can tell ourselves a million reasons why it won’t work. Suddenly we’re convinced we’re not ready or you can’t do it or any other “reason”.

You wanted to start a blog but coming up with a that “perfect” first post was too much pressure and you’re still tweaking it – after a few months.

You spend all of your time planning for what you really want to do instead of doing it (guilty!)

You’re super talented but hold on tight to the thought that you’re not good enough. You are too hard on yourself. Ms. Perfect, anyone?


So how do you shake all of that?

First, allow me to give you permission to tell that little voice to kick rocks! Yup. Do that.

Next, watch what you do. What I mean is, watch yourself like you’d watch someone else. Why? It’s always easier to see where other people could do things differently. Turning that eye on ourselves helps us to see what we’re doing and where we could be switching things up. We’ll start to notice the habits that make us our best road block. Change those habits. Get closer to what we want.

Decide what success looks like to YOU! It’s not the same for everyone. For some people success means lots of money and power. For others it’s all having a family that’s thriving. Just because success looks different for you doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Work toward your own level of success and don’t let others re-define that for you.

Give up on perfection. Pssst… it doesn’t exist anyway. Don’t kick your projects or ideas to the curb simply because they didn’t come out “perfectly”.

Do you have a no-fail tip for getting out of your own way? Share in the comments.

57 comments on “Someone is in your way – I’m not saying any names.”

  1. Love this! I am such a advocate for making sure the walls you build actually serve your bet self and the lieyouwantto live! Better to create them yourself consciously than let the fear & worry do it! Great post!

  2. Hahaha the little girl that I used to nanny loved yo gabba gabba!

    I LOVE this post! So inspirational 🙂 I just always take big deep breathes and tell myself that everything will be okay 🙂

  3. Love this! Such great advice. I’m totally guilty of spending way more time planning or thinking about doing something than it takes me to actually do it! I get in my own head. Great advice to just step back and try to look at things from others’ eyes rather than our own.
    Joy recently posted…{Recipe} Mulled WineMy Profile

  4. Great post! I think that we are all too often harder on ourselves then we need to be. Today’s society is so full of high expectations we all need to be more proud of our little accomplishments. Thanks for sharing
    Holly recently posted…Fall Mantle DecorMy Profile

  5. You are right. Nobody should aim for perfection. We just have to focus on our beauty and learning on how to improve our imperfections.

  6. Your post really struck a cord for me. This past year was the first time in my entire life that I built walls around me. I’ve always been a social butterfly, but our family relocated half way across the country for my husband’s work and we really live in an unhealthy bubble. We homeschool, so my children have limited communication with others too. I’m afraid of making new friends, since we don’t plan on staying in this state more than 5 more months…but it’s hard feeling displaced. 🙁
    Tanya Coffman recently posted…Papa Bear Always Knows the Right Thing to SayMy Profile

  7. Camesha, oh mama, you know me too well!

    And I LOVE your tip to tell that little voice inside that it rocks! I totally believe that our little misunderstood ego voices have a purpose – to show us what’s important in our lives and how we can grow through challenges.

    One other tip I’d like to add is to not only focus on the vision of what you want (and only you, nobody else’s dream), but to more important focus on the essence of that vision. Happiness and success can turn up in so many forms and if our focus is too narrow, we just might miss it.
    Sabrina Bolin recently posted…The Upside of WorryMy Profile

  8. I’m totally guilty of being in my own way. I loved what you said about watching myself like an outsider- you’re right, it’s always easier to see what someone else should do to change. Thanks for this, I needed to hear it!

  9. I think as we get older, we don’t have to be as perfect as we used to think in our younger days. You simply cannot get anything done if you are going to pick at every detail. Great post !

  10. Not focusing on doing what everyone else thinks I should be doing always helps me be more successful. I can’t do everything for everyone, sometimes I have to focus on myself and my own goals.

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