IMG_4024As I’ve gotten older, I hear more and more how cool my height is. I’ve told you all before that I’m 6’1″. Growing up it was not fun! You know kids are really good at finding something different about you and making it suck. LOL! I’ve totally grown into my height and I really don’t think about it much unless someone points it out. I think what helped me to get over it being a negative thing was growing up. The other thing is looking for the good stuff about being a six footer.


  • One gift of being tall is being able to look over things and see what’s ahead.
  • It’s hard to get lost in a crowd (can be good and bad).
  • People always seem to notice me. It’s a good thing I’m usually in a good mood because someone always calls me out about my height.
  • Do you play basketball? Volleyball? Are you a model. I get these questions non-stop. It could be worse, I’m sure.
  • One thing I never thought about until my friends pointed it out to me – clothes. More specifically the way things like maxi dresses fit on on a tall woman. My friends were a little jealous that I could wear things without the need for heels to keep dresses or pants from dragging the ground. I hadn’t thought of that until they pointed it out.
  • I can easily reach things on high shelves. Every now and then someone will stop me at the grocery store or Target t help them get something down.
  • Another plus? I never have to worry about being able to see when sitting behind someone. The downside is I’m always worried if the person behind me can see.
  • We make more money? A 2004 study states that for every inch of height there is an increase of $789 a year. So theoretically, I will earn $7,101 more a year than someone who is 5’6″. That’s pretty awesome. That’s what the research says anyway.
  • I’ve gained a few pounds over the year. Nothing to really write home about. The thing about being tall is weight gain isn’t as noticeable. Cheers to that!
  • I randomly came across this factoid: Tall people have our own holiday! February 11th is “International Hug a Tall Person Day”. Say what? I expect lots of snuggles this February. I’m just saying.

Is there something that you hated growing up but now think is pretty cool?


23 comments on “Top 10 Best Things About Being Tall”

  1. I have always loved being tall! The love grew the more I did lol Although it was hard to find a date taller than me I did marry someone quite a bit taller than me and I love it lol

  2. Both of my kids are taller than me, so I have to ask for their help getting things off the top shelf sometimes. They both love being tall!

  3. My son laughs at me every time I have to ask for help reaching something. According to him I am short. I can’t reach stuff on the top shelf of our new place. I think my husband puts stuff that high on purpose.

  4. My husband is 6′ 4″ and my 16 year old daughter is 5′ 11″. My poor 19 year old daughter is only 5’1″ so I probably won’t show this to her. I’d hate for her to think her younger sister will earn more than her! 🙂

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