These days, there is nothing I’m feeling more than sleep. I don’t get enough of it. There is always too much going on in this brain of mine. So you know I am so happy that it’s about to be time to Fall back! Yes!!! You know that hour we complained about losing in the Spring, it’s making a comeback. I can SO use that hour back. This Sunday, November 2nd, I’ll be ready!

I plan to get myself ready to enjoy that extra hour of sleep. I usually just let it creep up on me. Nope. Not this year. I’m preparing and making plans to welcome my hour back! I need some good sleep, y’all and I’m going to get it.

Once I get the kids down for the night, it’s going to be mamas turn. I think I’ll start with a nice relaxing bath. I have a bunch of bath bombs that I don’t use enough. They will be making an appearance this weekend.

I have candles like this one by Le Feu de L’eau Le Vert Candle ($62) lining my bathtub. They smell awesome and really help me to calm down and relax.

Le Feu Vert_1_0219 (1).jpgBefore kids, I was in the habit of regularly moisturizing my body before bed. I used to keep some awesome body butters and balms like this one by Le Couvent des Minimes Loving Care Body Balm ($32) . I always woke up feeling smooth. I’m so sporadic now. It’s so important to take care of our skin. I always remind myself that it’s my largest organ. When I remember that, it’s easy to treat it well.

body balmI have been talking to my husband about buying a new bed. I think two pregnancies have done my side of the bed wrong! It’s just as comfortable as it used to be. I could use a bed like this one by Hästens Beds to help me sleep like a queen! This bed has a cool ventilation system that eliminates moisture and let’s fresh air in. Sounds like some good sleep to me!

Cam-LimitedEdition2014_Auroria_Product-Cutout_2If all else fails to help me catch some Zzz’s, I’ll make sure to pass up a nice glass of wine and try some warm milk instead. How many times have we heard about warm milk to help you sleep? Some people swear by it.

The goal is to create a relaxing routine and put it into practice. Being deliberate and consistent will help this mama get some much needed good sleep!

Any can’t miss tips for getting a good nights sleep? Are you looking forward to getting your hour back?

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  1. A warm glass of milk doesn’t work for me but a glass of wine sure does work some magic and it helps me sleep during those times that it seems impossible to get some ZzzZz. You might be thinking too much – that also causes sleepless nights. I hope you get that much-needed sleep soon.
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  2. Ahhhh I wish I had time to sleep!!! Feel like when my child decides to sleep… I finally have time to accomplish life…. Maybe one day I can take advantage of these things 😉

  3. I love to get a good nights sleep. I love your list above and that bed looks amazing. I start a good night sleep with a hot hot bath and just pure silence in the house and than I snuggle up to my dog Oscar who loves to keep me warm at night. I of course have to fall asleep before him because he snores like a man. lol Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, you were really ready for an extra hour of slumber. Me, I got up at 430 instead of my usual 530. My internal body clock never understands daylight savings.

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