Elsa and Donatello made their way to our house for Halloween. My kids were super excited about Halloween this year. For my son, it’s all they’d been talking about at school. He comes home every day with new Spanish words for things related to Halloween. He was ready. My daughter feeds off her brother’s excitement. All she knew was she was going to get to wear her Frozen costume.

We started our day at my son’s school They had a full morning of activities for the kids. The kids put on a little show and sang Halloween songs. Then, they moved on to a mini carnival where they played several carnival games. My daughter looked on like a little princess.

princess elsa bibsbaublesShe was wondering why we weren’t at her art class. We missed her class to join her brother for his school stuff. She wasn’t a huge fan. The kids also did a pumpkin decorating contest. This was my son’s contribution. His Daddy “helped”.

donatello pumpkin bibsbaubles

They day ended with a Halloween parade where the kids marched around in their costumes. There were at least 20 Elsa’s. They had all the Elsa’s get together for a group picture!

We headed home after the parade to get some rest before trick or treating! This was my daughter’s first year going trick or treating. Oddly, it was my first year going with them too. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been busy with a newborn or a small baby. I’d always stayed home. We all hit the streets of our neighborhood this year for a good time.

bibs baubles donatello elsaMy daughter was curious about what people were dropping in her bag. She picked up each piece and said, “Mommy, what’s this?” She was just excited to say trick or treat. That was the highlight for her.

Some of our neighbors went all out and turned their homes into haunted houses. It was crazy. I wish I had pictures. They came out crappy because it was dark and there was smoke coming out of the houses. Dark and smoky does not a good picture make. Womp. All the kids in the neighborhood had a great time. It may have been too much for my babies. A man answered his door in a mask and growled at my kids. My daughter still talks about “the man was going to eat me”. Maybe she wasn’t ready for Halloween. I’m thinking next year we’ll stick with a Halloween party for kiddies. That’s more their speed.

How was your Halloween?

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  1. Your kids are adorable! Our front porch lights weren’t working because of the wind, so no one would come all the way up the driveway because they didn’t think we were home. I have a LOT of extra candy…. 😉

  2. I love this time of year! The kids look great! isn’t it awesome walking around with them, seeing how excited they are, just to do the ‘kid things’… enjoy this time! It goes so fast!

  3. I am so happy to see your children being able to get into the holiday festivities this year! They look so cute in their costumes. I think a Halloween party is a great idea. Happy Tuesday, Cam 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  4. This is great! They looked like they had a great time! We stated at the beginning of the night that we were going to keep count of how many Elsa’s were out and about . . we lost count after 12!
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