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This Isn’t Working


I really thought things would work out. I had great expectations. Those expectations die a little everyday. I just knew my son and my “(dog)daughter” would be the best of friends. I had all these grand ideas of her being his first best friend. So far, it ain’t happening. Don’t get me wrong, he absolutely […] Read more…

No Trespassing


Dear Athleta,  I’m not sure what to say here. I think you’re cool. I like what you have to offer. The work out gear seems top notch and all. It’s just that right now, we’re in different places in life. You’re all “work out, it’s cool” and I’m all “when? I don’t have time”. This […] Read more…

40 Before 40


What are your goals? Not bucket list type goals but, more immediate. I ask because I’ve been seeing a lot of lists on the web. On blogs everywhere, people often list the things they want to accomplish by a certain age. The one I’ve seen the most is the 30 before 30. Yeah, that ship […] Read more…