I need to buy groceries, wash the Tae Kwon Do uniform, clean the house, sort through the clutter and give away lots of stuff.

I need to call my granny, check on my aunt, follow up with my friend and get my daughter down for a nap.

I need to pack lunches, research preschools and buy the kids new shoes. I need to take my daughter to gymnastics and hope she likes it (fingers crossed). I need to schedule my sons Tae Kwon Do make up classes and my daughters art classes. My mom brain is on overdrive. At.All.Times. Does your brain work like this? Is mom brain a condition?

I want a t shirt line one day. I need to respond to publisher about a new book. I’m working on a children’s book. I want to write a novel – maybe. I’d like my own YouTube show. I’ve yet to find time to shoot a video. I’d love to spearhead my own conference to inspire moms. I jot down ideas. I piece together the dream. I read. I research. I work. I dream bigger.













I need to do laundry, at least two loads a day, or we’ll be drowning in it. Are my sons school uniforms clean? I need to schedule a family picture before our membership expires. I need to figure out what we’re wearing in the family picture.

Time to get more groceries, we’ve used all the bread. The dog is low on food. Might as well get more of that too. Did my husband feed the fish? Time to make dinner. I wish I had a meal plan. Why don’t I have a meal plan? Note to self: create a meal plan.

I’ve got to get my babies to bed. It’s time to wind down. While they sleep, I work. I build my dreams brick by brick while they sleep. Mommy is a dream chaser. They may not always see it all, but they will. They’ll see it and they’ll know that only with work do dreams become real life.

When do you carve out time for your dreams?

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  1. I so relate to everything you said here! When you’re a dreamer, it’s like the mind doesn’t know how to rest. In the meantime “real life” keeps us so busy. I’m learning to tune out the noise, and make time for quietness. That’s when I’m able to get creative and put ideas into action. It takes time though, but one day, it will all pay off. Blessings!
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    • When they sleep??? Mine are teenagers and they NEVER sleep. Mom brain is a permanent condition until they grow up and move out – whenever that will be…

  2. This is so me! all day and night. I try to focus on positive thoughts of affirmations. That helps a lot when i remember to use it! A friend of mine gave me some words this week. It’s “I stand firmly in my life in a loving imaginative way.” Gheesh! glad I’m not the only one.

  3. Beautifully written! I’m not a mom, but I know what it’s like to have so many other things going on in life that you feel like you have no time for your own dreams. I’ve been learning to let go of the small things so I can focus more on myself!
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  4. I do this in a different way, with my boyfriend asking me each morning, what is one thing that I will do for myself that day? That always helps me to remember to think about the things I want to accomplish.
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  5. Not a mummy yet but the mummy brain i hear is a condition. Though no mummy brain for me i have so many tabs open in my brain that sometimes i prefer ‘force shutdown’

  6. Oy! If I remember that my head is attached to my neck on any given day, I am in good shape. Once I had kids, I lost all semblance of a brain.

  7. I’m a mommy of 1 so my mommy brain has less tabs than yours does! LOL.
    I do find myself doing this though..
    I need to do laundry. I need to update my calendar. I need to update my meal plan. I need to call this place, that place, this place. I need to go to the grocery store. We have no more eggs.

    I feel like I should keep a notebook with me all day just to get this crap done.

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  8. Girl, I have mom brain too! I feel like I am forgetting everything these days. At least you know you are in good company!

  9. I need to ask my mom the same big question. I mean she’s so busy with all work and the chores she does at home every day. During weekends, her brain is still filled with health problems and some issues about living.

  10. I have mum brain and I’m not even a mum! seriously so many things going on at the moment and I’m not slowing down! You have A LOT going on at the moment!

    Katie <3
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  11. I get time at about midnight – then I scrabble to do as much as I can. I decided to be a mom though, so I just deal with mom brain πŸ™‚ I know how lucky I am πŸ™‚

  12. Right now I am carving out time all day and all night. It’s pretty much 24/7. I finished grad school 2 years ago and hubs finished his respititory therapy degree last May. Now that we are both done and he’s making good money, I am taking less time working on freelance stuff and spending more time on my pen name fiction works and blogging (mostly my food blog.)
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  13. I’m constantly thinking about what I have to do and yet I’m always to busy to do it. Sorry darling your just going to wear a dirty leotard for dance, mommy just didn’t have time haha πŸ˜‰

  14. I try to make sure to carve out time for my dreams daily. While I’m not a mother I have a very busy work schedule that can easily get in the way. Even if it’s 30 minutes. Setting up something small for my success in the future is important to me.

  15. Much respect to all the busy mom’s out there that make the world go around everyday. Some of us single dads deserve some love too. Time is valuable and scarce.

    Ever considered a team?

    Keep up the great work Goddess. Peace.

    • Single dads get all kinds of love from me. Being a single parent is no joke.

      Yes, I have considered at least bringing on an assistant. Sounds like I need it, huh?

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