“You think you’re all that!” When people used to say that, it was considered an insult. It was a shot to let you know that whatever confidence you were putting out there, they weren’t interested in receiving. I had a hard time with that when I was growing up. It was tough to be confident. It was tough to be proud of myself. Not because I had done anything. It was because of how tall I was.

At 12, I was 5’11”. That’s obviously far above average. Being taller than all the boys AND girls in my class wasn’t an easy thing. People notice you when you stand out. And standing out, isn’t always seen as a good thing. It’s a reason to make someone feel awkward. That was a part of my childhood. That made it hard for me to understand that the confidence I tried so hard to muster up was OK. It’s OK to know my worth has nothing to do with what other people think of me.

Your value doesn't decrease based onThe crazy thing is many of us don’t learn this lesson until we’re well into adulthood, if at all. It wasn’t until college that I started to really begin to feel good in my skin. I think it was because I got to shed the high school cliques and was able to get a fresh start to define who I was. That was the beginning of me falling in LOVE with me! I realized that my worth was only defined by me. I wasn’t looking for it from other people.

self worth

Here’s my definition of self worth these days:

Self-worth is the value I place on myself. It could be my time, my talents or my physical being. Everything and everyone has value. The key is knowing what yours is and not letting anyone else decide for you.

That’s a lesson I’m glad I learned when I did. College was a great place to find myself but it’s also a great place to lose yourself. Being grounded in who you are during that time is crucial.

Here are 3 ways I’ve found to boost your self worth. Because we could all use a boost every now and then, right?

Do something you’re good at. No matter what it is. If you’re good at it, do more of it. It will give you a boost!

Keep your thoughts in check. Understand that how you think about yourself is key. What you think becomes what you speak. What you speak becomes what you do. Then it becomes your reality. There’s power in words. Speak well of yourself, k?

Be proud of you! At the end of each day write down something you’re proud about. Did you ace a test? A presentation at work went awesome? You got through the day without pulling your hair out because your child won’t nap? Oh wait, that’s me. You get the gist! Just take a little time to remind yourself that you rock! When you see it on paper it sinks in a bit more. So, write it down!

What does embracing your self-worth look like to you?

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  1. Love this! Self worth is so important and it’s scary how many people I know personally who have little to none, I work on mine daily! So important! And, we are worth it!

  2. Self worth is guarding my heart and mind against anything that would bring negativity to my peace of mind, classroom, home and/or intimate space. It is allowing my light to shine without apologizing because it is misread by others. I recognize that I am who I am because of Christ! Self worth is saying no to others and yes to myself so that I can be at 100% for me and my son, for my dreams, goals and visions. It is refusing love that hurts and causes me grief. Self worth is valuing me above all else because I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God for a great purpose.

  3. Thinking positively about myself is something I need to work on. Lately I’ve been very down on myself, very pessimistic, and I know that this kind of self-reflective unkindness is harmful in the long run. Right now I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life, where I need to make the right change so I can feel better about myself, and I need to feel better about myself so I can make the most of that change.
    Abria @ Bee Splendid recently posted…5 Tools I Would Be Lost WithoutMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the reminder that I’m worth it. I think sometimes the self worth gets buried under the everyday tasks and before you know it its lost. Congrats on the book!

  5. I need to have my daughter read this. She’s in high school and struggles with this a lot, but we always tell her that she’ll find herself in college. I think this would validate that for her. Thanks for sharing your story!
    Theresa recently posted…Snow Day & Updates!My Profile

  6. I totally agree with what you said about being able to comfortable in your skin once you got out of high school. Once i started college, I realized I had a whole new world of people who I could interact with and I could pick and choose my friends instead of being stuck with the same people in my high school and trying to feel like I fit in. It did a wonder for my self esteem and self confidence to make friends who truly loved me for me!
    Chelsie recently posted…What Valentine’s Day Means to MeMy Profile

  7. Camesha, I loved your entire post, you had me laughing so many times…love the humor you infused in a very important, if not crucial, lesson for all of us to learn. I am a grown woman, mother of two amazing boys, and sometimes I forget that I have value. Period. I love your words, “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” You rock! ~Jul’s
    Jul’s Arthur recently posted…15 Clutter Clearing Tips For 2015: To Do List TipsMy Profile

    • I’m so happy you stopped by! It’s easy to lose sight of our value as moms. We invest so much in our kids that it’s so easy to get lost in it all. You rock!!! 🙂

  8. I really relate to this, because I’m 5’10”, so, I totally get it. High school was so damn awkward.

    Anyway, I can say that the most beautiful thing about being in my 30s is finally not giving a crap about what anyone else thinks about me, and just learning to love myself for who I am. It’s been a really awesome experience.
    Mandi recently posted…Currently – February 2015My Profile

    • Yes!!!1 The 30s kicked it up a notch for me too. I just don’t have the time or energy to care most days. It’s like you get to a point of take more or leave me.

  9. Worth to me looks like accepting that it is okay for me to be myself. I spent a bunch of years trying to be who other people wanted me to be. I finally decided to be who I want to be and tell people they can either accept it or move on.
    Katherine G recently posted…Tyler & The Spelling BeeMy Profile

    • I totally agree with what you said. I read this quote that stuck with me recently. “The sooner you believe you are extraordinary, the sooner others will follow.”

  10. I was just reading an article that talked about how words can really affect us and how we feel and then it said how words we say to OURSELVES have the biggest impact. It’s hard when we are bombarded with what is “ideal” or “perfect” for a woman to be. We should all take a moment to tell ourselves we are worth it!

    • Yep. It’s the stuff that we say to ourselves that cut the deepest. I look at it like this: an ideal day for some could be competing in a triathlon and for others it could be relaxing on the beach. There is no one ideal. I think it’s what we make it.

  11. My childhood was full of put downs and insults that has and still is taking years to overcome. But by the grace of God I am finally seeing myself through His eyes and I am beautiful. We all are. Great post and great tips.
    Iris recently posted…New Year, Same God.My Profile

  12. This is a wonderful post. I think self worth is so important. I think if you can just believe in yourself and make things happen you’ll always know you’re worth it. Everything is worth something!

  13. I too was 5’11 at 12 and continued on to grow another inch and a half. I was always approached with the tired lines of “tall glass of water” and “…climbing trees” because of course, I appeared to be older than my years.

    I never backed down or felt ashamed about my height. I celebrated it. My parents always reminded me of my worth.

    Now, I am raising a daughter who is 5’9 at 15 and continuing to grow. She has witnessed by esteem and has naturally embraced it in herself.

    • Goodness, we sound like long lost twins! I grew a bit more too and stopped at 6’1″. My mom was always my biggest cheerleader and I think I just didn’t believe her. What was I thinking? lol

  14. Self worth is important to instill in children from an early age. When we tell our kids they can’t all the time, it has an impact. By adulthood, it takes work to overcome.

    • Yes! I’m thankful for your support system. Even when you can’t do all that you want with them, I’m sure you’re contributing more than you realize. Give yourself some grace, mama! 🙂

  15. Self worth/self love is something that I’m always working to improve. I used to have terrible self confidence, though it’s gotten better over the years there are days I find myself slipping back into old ways with negative self talk. Great reminder, to do things I’m good at XOXO

  16. I think this would be a great article for my son to read. He starts college in a few short months and he is in the process of trying to find himself.

  17. I love this post! At the end of the day, I judge myself based on if I feel proud of my actions in life. I value the opinions of my close family and friends who know me well, but I don’t think twice about strangers who know next to nothing about my life. Love your strength and spirit! Thanks for an inspiring post 🙂
    Ashley Nicholas recently posted…The Best Valentine’s Day SalesMy Profile

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