Well, this might go on record as the latest Happy New Year ever. Even still, Happy 2015!!!

2015 New Year celebrationWelcome to my new home on the web! I’m so happy you’re here! Take some time to look around, check out the drapes and decor. I’m comfy here. I hope you will be too!

As it says above, I consider myself a mama motivator! I feel like once I had babies the dreams I had for myself mostly changed. In many ways, they got bigger. I kind of felt like, I brought humans into the world AND sustained them with only milk from my body. Shooooot, I can do anything!

The other thing that changed was the urgency behind them. I feel like I have to grab some of those stars I’m telling them to reach for. They have to know that mama doesn’t just talk about it, she’s doing it.


They’re not my only reason for being a dream chaser but they are a big factor. While I have many reasons, I’ll share a few here. Maybe some will speak to you?

Get over fears – If I don’t try then I’ve already failed.

There’s only one you – Don’t get caught up in the it’s all been done before. It hasn’t been done by you! That alone make whatever “it” is unique.

Regrets SUCK – Ignoring your dreams is one way to GUARANTEE regrets.

Satisfaction – If it works out, how cool would it be to have lived your dream.

I know I’m not the only mom that feels this way. This space will serve to inspire and keep you motivated while dealing with the challenges that are unique to mamas.

One of my dreams is to publish my second book –  a children’s book. What about you? Share one of your dreams below!

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  1. I love this! I think this space fits your personality well. One of my biggest dreams this year is to really give myself to my passions. Weed out the time killers and give my all to the things I am serious about. I have decided that I have no desire to go back to corporate and this year I am going to be serious about making that happen.

    Can’t wait to be motivated, this post alone made me shut down all of the windows that I’m not working in so that I can stay focused on the goal!
    Mimi recently posted…{Weekend Vlog} Annie, Meetings, & CalzonesMy Profile

  2. You share similar motivations to me, and it’s nice to have them visualized so we can actualize them. Children’s books for us are so necessary, it would be great to see what you create!

  3. This is so true! I think one of the main things that stops people from going after their dreams is fear. Not just fear of failing, but fear of succeeding! I think people also need to remember that sometimes everything is in the timing.
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  4. This was such a great post. I think a lot of people are afraid of trying something again if they failed at it the first time.

  5. I totally agree, my dreams got bigger when I had my first child. By kid number two they were even bigger. I didn’t have the motivation or inspiration when it was just me with all the time in the world on my hands. lol

    Its funny how that works, I starting taking over the world in 2013. Life has only gotten better and better. Cheers to stepping outside of the box.

  6. Very true. Fear can kill our full potential. Although, for some people fear give them drive and momentum to make it happen, the majority of people stop when they see FEAR.

  7. There’s. No. Words for my pride and live for you darling daughter. Go for it.. With all GOD gives you. No. Limit is I. Him. .

  8. Love your post and completely agree!! Once I had my kids, dreams did get bigger! I love to compete in triathlons and recently completed my first Ironman. Having my husband and kids support me and watch me complete this race was amazing!
    I started a blog recently to encourage other moms who want to work out or set any fitness goals to go for it! You can do it! Check it out at http://www.trihardmom.com

  9. I love the tips you listed. You are absolutely right, who cares if someone else has done it already, we all have unique gifts that makes us special. I refuse to live a life a regrets, I’m committed to living out my dreams.

  10. I love this Camesha! And I see we have a lot in common. I was nodding and “yes’ing” all the way to the end 🙂 Having kids actually forced me to dream bigger because everything I do, everything I want to achieve is because of them. My big dream is to travel the world with my family speaking, motivating and training women (especially moms) to dream bigger.
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  11. Two of my main dreams are to write a book and grow my blog. Both of which are very important to me so I’m pulling along and trying to accomplish them. We shall see!

  12. Great post! I especially like the part about getting over your fears. They can certainly grip a person. I got over my fear of heights by parasailing with my son over Lake Tahoe.

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