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mama must have

Make Me Over


Apparently, becoming parents begins to take its toll on you after a while. I’m talking in the form of missed sleep, hair appointments and no longer shopping for yourself because of your new-found obsession with baby gear. Then there’s the ugly break-up between you and the gym. What can parent peeps do to get it […] Read more…

The Trouble With Groupon


I love a deal as much as the next person. Maybe more. To that end, I have been stocking up on stuff from every Groupon-like site I’ve come across. As a result I have so many “deals” I can’t even keep track of them, let alone find the time to use them. I recently found […] Read more…

Mama Must-Have


All winter I have been on the lookout for my latest must-have – over the knee boots. I go back and forth on this one. I can’t help but to always think in Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I don’t want to do the whole hooker-chic look. I’m going more for haute mama. I’m feeling […] Read more…