The past Friday was a good one. Our company participates in Summer Fridays. We either get a half day or full day off each Friday of the Summer. This past Friday was an off day for me. I was on the fence about what to do with my day. I have a list of errands that need to be done at all times and I wanted to keep my little man home from school to hang out with me too. A couple of my mommy peeps kept telling me to take a “me” day! I have to say, I wasn’t totally convinced. Since I’m at work all the time I feel like when I’m not at work my son should be with me. I guess I feel like I have to squeeze in every second that I can since we’re usually apart during the day. Then, at the last minute I decided to give it a shot and see what I’d do with a “me” day. I sent the little man off to school and got busy with some planning.

Brace yourself, this is where the excitement kicks in! I walked and bathed the dog. I know. Epic. She got extra long walks as she’s been putting on a bit of weight lately, ahem. I also got some grocery shopping done. Beyond epic. The crown jewel of my day though was this… I actually worked out! Cue the singing angels!

Pre-workout excitement!

I have been whining about finding the time forever and I finally did it! It felt great!

My trusty assistant - focused on a treat

I wasn’t sure I would get through the total work out but I made it. It was a full hour with Crunch! I was sweating my butt off but, I was determined to finish. I did and it felt SO good. I felt like my old self! Where had that girl been? On a 19 month hiatus, that’s where! My muscles were sore for the next few days but, man I love that burn. Looking forward to making it happen again!

Post workout sweaty glow

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  1. wow I relate– good for you. I just got back to the gym after such a long hiatus that I could no longer find my gym clothes. It is easy for me to forget the benefits of exercise–the most important being a clear head afterward!

    • it took me a while to get it together. I kept stopping to do stuff like I get water and “Oh, I forgot to get my shoes, need those.” 🙂

  2. Yay you! I started running on my treadmill before work (I usually don’t have to be there until about 10:30) and it feels so good! Even though sometimes I would MUCH rather be sitting on the couch or in bed…

    Keep it up!

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