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Calling all parents who travel with toddlers! I need you! We will be gearing up for a cross country jaunt with our little guy in a few weeks. While we’re super excited about the trip back home, we’re also crazy stressed about how little man will do on the 5 hour flight! Eek! The last time we were on a flight with him, he was just over a year old. He was really busy and it was a task to keep him entertained. Now, he is pushing two and busier than ever – and VERY vocal! He loves to talk, scream, dance, move, wiggle sing and anything else you can think of. How are we supposed to keep him busy? Part of our plan is doing an overnight flight. We’re hoping that he will sleep the WHOLE time! Fingers crossed. He’ll already be rocking his PJ’s when we get on the plane. We’ll also have some books and toys – just in case. If you have ANY advice, words of wisdom or even good luck wishes – we’ll take em!

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  1. Oh woweee….GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! We will be in the same boat in a few months when we go to DC. We have flown to San Jose and Denver a few times with Brandon but not across country yet. New toys and new books. Let him run around as much as possible before the flight starts…and buy ear plugs (and drinks too if its a bad flight)for everyone around you. Again, GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  2. Overnight flights are great. We did one when my son was about 1 and he was only up for an hour then he was off to sleep. I would say if you have a portable DVD player or iPad or something of the sort that would be helpful. Snacks are a necessity and at his age something to color with.

    Good Luck, I’m sure it won’t be that bad!

  3. I have yet to attempt flying with my children so I’ve got no advice for you. Whatever the outcome of the flight, I’m sure the adventure will be worth it! Best of luck!!!!

  4. you will be fine–sounds like you have everything under control (as much as one can). one child is still in the manageable category. 😉
    overnight is the best way to go I hear. good luck and have fun. thanks for stopping by my site today! wb

  5. I have never traveled with a toddler before so I have no advice for you but one of the ladies I’m friends with online travels with her 2 year old all over the place. @letters4lucas on Twitter. Talk to her about it.

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