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While I love living on the west coast for its warmer temperatures, I have to admit there are some things about the Midwest that I miss. One of those things is the fall weather. It’s real fall weather. We don’t get so much of that around here.

I used to get so excited about fall. I had so many pant suits and wool slacks and sweaters and the boots, let’s not talk about the boots. I loved getting to play around a little more with fashion. I loved mixing in some of my summer pieces with the fall stuff. Getting a little bit of extra wear out of that favorite summer skirt by throwing some tights on with it was fabulous! It was so much fun to get creative with ways to be warm without sacrificing style. I’ve been seeing so many things to get excited about fashion-wise for the fall. I’ve got a few of them here:

  • This skirt is making me crazy! I must have it! Maxi skirts are huge for fall and this one in this color is calling my name. Yes, I will be wearing this – ALL SEASON LONG!
  • I have to talk about the boots. They have to be my favorite when it comes to fall fashion. There are so many types of boots. I love the booties and the riding boot. My new favorite is the over the knee boot. It used to seem like they were only for the “Pretty Woman” type characters. They’ve come a long way and now look so sexy AND classy. I love them!
  • Trouser jeans are another staple with me. They are the perfect casual business attire. They  look so polished. I have a few pair in my closet in different styles and am always on the lookout for more!
  • As it gets a little cooler, I think about keeping my head warm. I have had my eyes on a floppy hat for a while and I am going to make the leap and get one. They scream chic!!! They work year round but I’m looking forward to working one into my fall wardrobe.
  • Sites like Mod Cloth have me completely in dress mode. Namely 60’s style dresses. Designers like Kate Spade and Tory Burch are all over this look. I pulled some of these looks for a project at work and was instantly in love.
Tory Burch via
  • I’ve been seeing a lot of faux fur vests and jackets out and about. I love the look of them. I might see if I can pull a look like this off.
  • How much do I love statement necklaces? Um, too much. I have been buying them up like crazy lately. They’re so fun and an easy way to make any outfit pop.
  • In my attempt to stop wearing pants all the time I am going to get a few more skirts. Pencil skirts top my list. I love they way they show off my figure in the appropriate for work kind of way.
  • I have a few pairs of wedges and I have to say I love them. I don’t wear heels much but when I do I prefer wedges. They’re so comfortable and still give you that strut you only get from wearing heels. Here’s the pair I’m currently stalking.
  • I’ve been seeing a lot of bright bags popping up lately. They’re great for breaking up the monotony of the tried and true colors I seem to go for. I love tans, greys and black. I really love the way grey and yellow work together. It’s great to break up the neutral tones with a bright orange bag or some really pretty blue.
  • Another great thing to add to my fall top 10 is anything you managed to salvage from the Missoni for Target scrimmage. Yes, I’m calling it a scrimmage. I’ve heard stories. It was all out warfare from what I can tell. I tried to get my shopping done online and I have two words for you: EPIC FAIL! If you got your hands on something from this coveted collection, rock it out this fall.

What’s on your fall fashion must have list?

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25 comments on “Meet My Inner Fashionista”

  1. You have a great list. You can shop with me any day!! I am currently living in the northeast and the falls can get pretty cool sometimes.
    Boots are an absolute must have. 🙂
    You got me thinking that I need to start buying more of those fashion necklaces, I kind of got behind on those.
    I have seen a lot of the faux fur, not sure if I can pull it off…..I might give it a try. Who knows?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah yes, fall! I forgot what it looks like here in AZ! But I just love it…and I’m definitely coveting some of the fabulous colored pencil skirts I’ve run across…especially teal! Perfection in a skirt!

  3. Oh boy, these fashion picks have me all hot and bothered over here. I am so with you on fashion stuff. I used to have a serious shopping problem. I’ve since reigned it in, but the temptation is so great! Thanks for sharing these. I’m totally going shopping this weekend!

  4. I haven’t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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