It seems that everyone is talking about back to school but me.  I’m not at that stage yet with my son but, in honor of back to school I did some school shopping for him. He’s got a bunch of new clothes and pajamas on the way. Also in honor of back to school I’m looking forward to doing some shopping for myself. I think back to school shopping could totally apply to mom’s too. I’m looking forward to hitting the racks at Target when the Missoni line hits stores soon. I have been hearing about its debut for what seems like forever. Now they’ve released the look book and I’m even more excited!

There’s lots of stuff for mama, baby and the house! It has a short run, hitting stores September 13th and will only be around until October 22nd if they don’t run out before then! Are you looking forward to the Missoni line at Target?

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18 comments on “Mom’s Back to School Shopping?”

  1. I am going all in on the house stuff. The colors are just right for fall and I want to change the decor in here around a bit. I want some of the clothing but I’m afraid everyone will have it. Will be grabbing those flats though!

  2. I am *SO* excited for this stuff!! I’m pretty positive that they won’t have it for the whole run, it will sell out for sure…probably because I’m going to buy it *ALL*!!! (c:

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