you wanna piece of me?

We have started calling our son the bruiser. He’s so wild sometimes and if you happen to get in the way – you will get hurt. I’ve been on the receiving end of many of his wild antics. Many are just because he’s so darn excited! When he gets excited, he’ll start stomping his foot or flailing his arms. Lots of times he ends up throwing his head in the direction of my face. I am a constant victim of head butts! I have had a throbbing lip or nose on a few ocassions.You’d think I’d learn to just get out of the way!

The last time the bruiser struck was the first time I thought my face was going to fall off! He’d woken up and my husband put him in our bed for a second while he went to get “the sweet nectar” aka milk. My son was all excited and happy about the day. I was still lying down trying to fully wake up. Sucks for me. He got excited about who knows what and just threw his body back, head first into my chin. I thought for sure he’d be a screaming mess. Instead it was me! My body clenched in pain. The pain from my chin shot up to the top of my skull and stung. As I tried to hold my face together, I was focused on not crying. I didn’t want the little man to see me cry. Didn’t want him to know how bad I was hurting.

He kept saying mommy and I could barely speak. It took me a good 10 minutes to get out of the bed to get him ready for school. I have been on the wrong end of the bruiser’s excitedness one time too many. At this point, I’m claiming elder abuse.

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  1. My son was like that also. I always got bruised somehow I use to think I needed to wear some sort of teeth guard because I had a busted lip so many times from that head.

  2. Oh my. My son went through a brief head butt phase. Luckily I didn’t sustain any permanent injury. Kids are tough and really strong at times! You might have to start wearing a helmet. lol

  3. Sorry for laughing. He such a cute little abuser though. My 3-year-old does a similar thing. Whenever he’s happy about something his habit is to start bopping around and wrestling. Luckily, my injuries have only been far.

  4. I have had so many bumps and bruises from my kids it’s not even funny.

    Good luck with the bruiser. Keep lots of ice packs in the freezer. For you. Not him.

  5. Ooh.. the little bruiser! Don’t let mommy crying.. 🙁 Thanks for sharing! Am smiling here. Hope u could cope up with his strong body. Thanks for the visit too! ~hugs~

  6. They can pack quite an unknowing punch! Poor Mama, I probably would’ve started to cry, but I’m a huge baby. But I agree with Monique, he is WAY to cute to be knocking you out!

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