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mama must have

My Not So Secret Love


I’m rarely at a loss for words But you’ve kinda got me speechless I reach for you every day The truth is you’re my weakness I love to wrap my hands around you Just love to feel your warmth Some people are in love with Joe and his magic beans I’m all about the wonderful […] Read more…

Beautiful Brown Girls: Get Ready


Baby talk is all around me. When everybody isn’t asking me when we’re having another one… I’m finding out someone is pregnant. I know so many mama’s-to-be it’s pretty crazy. I also have friends who are trying to get pregnant and others who are just thinking about starting a family. I’m surrounded by bambino talk. […] Read more…

Enter the Wu


Move over Missoni, there’s a new designer taking over Target! Just about four years ago I had no idea who he was. Then he designed the dress seen around the world. The dress the First Lady wore at the inauguration of the President.  That’s when Jason Wu became “Jason Wu”. Right? If that was his […] Read more…

I Was Nearly Naked


I have expressed my love for Groupon type sites in the past. I can’t seem to pass up a good deal. So far they’ve been working out pretty well for me. I’ve enjoyed going places and discovering things in L.A that I’d never heard of. Last week I was rushing to use a deal before […] Read more…

5 Step Mommy Makeover


There are many days that I feel like “blech”, “meh” and even a few “ugh”. The reasons vary. Whether it’s a teething baby making for a tired mommy or a bloated tummy, I certainly have my share of “one of those days”. Unfortunately, it shows on my face. I have been employing a few tricks […] Read more…