Healthy food is the way to go. I’m well aware of this. The problem is, nobody told the little person in my belly. She is in love with all things sweet and I’m paying the price. I told my friend about the sweet tooth I’ve had lately and she got me this heavenly treat.

This is one of the sweet pregnancy perks I am forced to enjoy. YUM! It’s a glazed donut, sliced in half and filled with fresh strawberries. It’s OK, it’s for the baby. That’s the lie I told myself as I inhaled it!

16 comments on “Wordful Wednesday: Sweet Perks”

  1. You’re lucky you have the luxury of indulging in sweets. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, so it was really hard to control myself.

    That looks really yummy! You took that picture like a seasoned photographer/food stylist. Or are you one? 🙂

  2. Haha. That was cute. I think it’s natural for most women to have their own cravings during pregnancy. I rarely hear of cases that they don’t look for certain food. That’s a very tasty donut you got there.

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