There is something about babies that brings out the giddy in people. People get so excited when they see a baby bump. There is something about new life that can bring a smile to the face of even the meanest Grinch.

People that have never spoken to me before, stop me now to chit chat about my growing mid-section. I don’t mind it in the least. I have no problem sharing my joy with anyone that wants to share it with me.

From the moment people find out you’re pregnant they want to know the deets. How far along are you? When are you due? Do you have a preference? The only thing that brings people more joy than knowing you’re pregnant is knowing what you’re having. I am the odd ball that’s totally cool with not knowing the sex. With my first pregnancy we didn’t find out what we were having. We just focused on bringing a healthy baby into the world. We liked the idea of being surprised. I knew that I was pregnant with a little boy and always referred to him as such. So, I wasn’t shocked when he was delivered and the doctor said, “it’s a boy!” I remember just waiting to hear my son cry and crying my eyes out when I heard his little voice.

After not finding out the sex the first go round my mom has made it clear that she wouldn’t stand for me not knowing this time. She claims last time was torture! My husband also thought it would be cool to know this time just for a different experience. I have known what I was having the moment I found out I was pregnant so I was in no hurry to have it confirmed. I was just that sure. We found out the news and it turns out I was right.

We’re having a…

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  1. Congratulations that you are having a girl you will have one of each now. I am so happy for you! Here is a few reasons why you are being blessed with a girl. You will be able to teach her how to become a lady and how to cook. No one understands girls like a mom. Because there are some things a dad just can’t handle.

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