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I know it’s the holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the season of giving and all that jazz. Well , I have a confession to make. I have made no secret of the fact that I’ve got next to no Christmas shopping done. For shame, I know!! Christmas is barely two weeks away and I’m just not even prepared. I have purchased one toy for my son but the rest of the purchases have been for MOMMY! Oh yes, I’m all into the season of giving… giving to my selfish self!!!

I’m horrible, I admit it! I have the best intentions of shopping for other people. Then, something happens. Things get in the way. I blame you – most of you. With your fabulous giveaways and such. They only prompt me to shop! So yes, all twelve Shabby Apple giveaways I’ve seen convinced me that I need to have a dress from the Shabby Apple. So, I had to order one. Yes, I want to be a Pretty Girl so, the Pretty Girl Glam giveaway obviously made me pull out the card and make a purchase … or two. I blame you!!! You are the reason my child will have ONE toy under the tree. Our house already looks like a daycare, so he really doesn’t NEED anymore toys – but still, it’s your fault.

I thought you ladies were my virtual girlfriends, my peeps. I thought you had my back and my best interest at heart. Clearly, I was wrong. Your only mission is for my child, husband and the rest of our family to be presented with a lump of coal for Christmas. You won’t win, I won’t let you. Dagnabbit, I will shop!!! I will scratch every off of my list with each purchase and it will feel so good. I can do this – as long as you all start hosting LAME giveaways. Giveaway a pencil or something. Make it easy on a mommy, I beg of you!

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  1. This post could have been written by me!! I can totally co-sign everything you have written!! The best of luck to you on your Christmas shopping! I am hoping to get started on Monday.. (maybe)! By the way, just found your blog… LOVE IT!

  2. I know what you are writing about. The days before christmas are always full of stress for me. I haven’t bought any of the presents till now. I have to buy a tree. I have to clean up the house. But I still have to work. And I helpless. But I don’t give a .. . I try to do my best and do all the things. What else could I do? Nobody hears me crying.
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  3. Haha! Now that was rich! My home already looks like a day care too. You would think I watched 20 kids, but nope, all these toys belongs to just one.

    I only got my daughter 2 toys this year. She doesn’t need more, and she’s been having more fun getting into the holiday season by having my Christmas cards look like I lost a fight with a crayon.

    You still got time to shop, hopefully someone would give away a pencil so you can focus.
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  4. I have this problem. Every Christmas I take advantage of all of the sales…for me! I hang my head in shame because I’ve only gotten one present….and none of them for my poor Pookah! But the house looks like a daycare like yours does!
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  5. I decide to do online shopping for Christmas every single year, but I never do :(. I am old fashioned, I like to touch and feel the products. How can I change this? I so want to be done with the XMas gifts at the end of November next year!
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  6. I haven’t bought anything yet either. not because I’m shopping for myself but because I don’t know what I want her to have. She doesn’t need any more toys so I don’t know if I’m going to buy her any but I do want her to have some things to open. I think I may go out this weekend and pick her up a few things.

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