This new year is shaping up to be a good one. I have so many projects I want to tackle this year and I’ve been getting there on some of those goals. More on that later. Today, I’m turning my attention to our house, the crib, our domicile! I want to jazz it up a bit and make it a little more manageable. That’s right, I’m thinking about our closet. I want to give it a makeover. I’d looked into getting the closet done last year but after some measurement issues… I had to do a drawing of our closet with measurements included and submit it. Apparently, my little sketch wasn’t clear to them so, I didn’t follow through with it. I was not interested in re-doing that artistry.

Well, now I’m thinking that needs to be a project in 2012. The nail in the coffin was my mom checking out my closet when she visited over Christmas and telling me that it seems a little crowded. Yeah, time to get some installs done in that sucka. Here are a few dream closets. The keyword here is dream!

I don’t know why I come up with projects that require funds. Guess I’ll worry about that part later. I’m sure we’ll be getting ours re-done on the cheap. Container Store… yeah, that’s my speed. I think we just need some shelving and drawers added and we’d be all good. The other thing that would help is if I didn’t have so much stuff. But yeah, not seeing why we need to change that, do you? Let’s move on….

Have you had a closet customized before? Is it a pain in the buttocks?

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  1. Hey Camesha, The Container Store has 30% off their custom Elfa shelving units as well as 30% off installation the first couple months of the year. You could save some serious bank taking advantage of that. I did it last year for my workspace and have been nothing but happy with it. The designers at Container Store were awesome to work with. Good luck!
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  2. Your inspirations seem to be really nice, I totally agree, a dream closet should look like these:) I wish I ever had the chance to have something similar. Although the most of them is bigger than the flat we are living in:) I would like to see your sketches, too;) I’m sure you are also talented in interior design;)
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  3. We bought some stuff to do our closet. It’s called closet maid and it cost us under 100 dollars cause my closet is small lol I hate shopping but a closet like those in the pics I would just fill it up real nice.
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