Up until now, my mean plan has been that I plan to have a meal. Apparently, I need to get with the mommy program and get to planning my grub. It seems every one I know and every blog I read has a meal plan. I seem to have the hardest time trying to implement one. I guess it would help if I tried a little harder. I give it a go every few months or so, then I totally fall off the wagon.  I know in my head what I’d like to cook… sometimes. Planning it out a week in advance seems like it makes sense but somehow hasn’t been doable for me. Something needs to change. The mad dash I perform on a daily basis has to come to an end. It seems like I have a million and twelve things to do on a regular basis. I guess it will now be a million and thirteen with the added meal plan. Just the words “meal plan” strikes fear in my heart. They just seem like such evil and responsible words. I got enough responsibility, dang-it meal plan! Leave me be! We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck and any suggestions and recipes are welcome as well!

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  1. I do my meal planning really loosely compared to most other bloggers. I jot down 3 or 4 things I’d like to cook before I go to the store, make sure I have the ingredients for those so I don’t have to rush out for something 15 minutes into cooking, and then repeat the next week.

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