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Harmony Valley Foods Review


When I saw the opportunity to review Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes I thought,  perfect timing. My son is not a big fan of meat at all and we’re always struggling to find a protein substitute he’ll eat. One can only serve so much peanut butter, beans and cheese. We also toy with the idea of […] Read more…

Veggie Baby


I gave birth to a vegetarian. It’s true. OK, maybe not a complete vegetarian. He’s the kind that will eat some things – like sausage and fish. What are they called? Yeah, he’s that kind. I don’t really have much of a problem with it. I flirt with the idea of being a vegetarian myself. […] Read more…

Breastfeeding Doll


Would you buy your daughter a breastfeeding doll? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, in case you’re interested, there’s a new doll on the market causing DRAMA. Some view the doll as completely inappropriate. While others seem to think it’s no different than buying your daughter a doll that sucks a bottle. I see their point… a […] Read more…

40 before 40 No. 5


I’ve never fancied myself a dynamo in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I cook. My cooking is more out of necessity. We have to eat so, I have to cook. I’ve never been a cook for fun kind of girl. I don’t get into baking either. I know what you’re thinking… “somebody married you?”, […] Read more…

What’s on the menu


After sitting down to talk to other mommies I noticed that we all have a common dilemma when it comes to our babies. What to feed them! Who knew that these miniature people could be so hard to feed sometimes? It’s the combination of holding off on certain things for allergies and choking hazard and […] Read more…