I gave birth to a vegetarian. It’s true. OK, maybe not a complete vegetarian. He’s the kind that will eat some things – like sausage and fish. What are they called? Yeah, he’s that kind. I don’t really have much of a problem with it. I flirt with the idea of being a vegetarian myself. It’s just hard sometimes to find something for him to eat. He doesn’t always want what we have for dinner because, gasp, there’s turkey in it. He doesn’t like beef, chicken or turkey for the most part. He’ll take his chicken in sausage form thank you very much. We’ve had to give him protein via peanut butter and sometimes beans. He’s not a big fan of beans either. Oddly, he will eat fake meat. He likes the meatless stuff from Trader Joe’s. Where on earth did my baby come from? I’ve heard that I should try to prepare the meat different ways and I’ve done that, to no avail. I’m starting to think that maybe this kid just doesn’t like my cooking, the nerve! Has anyone else had this, er, issue with your baby? What are your protein suggestions?

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