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40 by 40

40 Before 40 No. 9


I have never claimed to be the best cook. I’ve set off a few smoke alarms in my day. The whole point of cooking for me, is to eat. I really only cook because I know we have to eat. I don’t really enjoy cooking. I wish I did though. I can watch the Cooking […] Read more…

40 before 40 No. 5


I’ve never fancied myself a dynamo in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I cook. My cooking is more out of necessity. We have to eat so, I have to cook. I’ve never been a cook for fun kind of girl. I don’t get into baking either. I know what you’re thinking… “somebody married you?”, […] Read more…

40 Before 40 No. 4


Ahem, Do Re Mi… Just warming up for the next installment of my forty before forty list. In addition to my desire to perform on stage like a pro, I want to sound good doing it! To that end, before I hit the big 4-0h I’d like to take some singing lessons. I’ve been a […] Read more…