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I’m jumping in Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop again. I had a hard time choosing a prompt this week. I wanted to write at least three of them! Here are the prompts:

1.) Something students these days should know.
2.) If my Mom were a blogger…
3.) A phone call you won’t forget.
4.) A list of ten celebrity DON’TS.
5.) Write a poem about your favorite place to be.


I’m going to roll with something students these days should know. Where do I begin? When I read this option I thought this could be the longest post ever. I’ll try not to make that true! The thing that immediately comes to mind are the words privacy and discretion. Some students have no idea what those words mean. How else do you explain their unnatural obsession with telling ALL of their business on Facebook? I have come across this issue with more than a few high school students. I can not fathom why I need to know every single detail of the fight you had with your boyfriend or why that fight needs to play out in your status. I know way to much about the lives of a few teenagers in particular as well as adults because they post it on Facebook. There are things on Facebook I don’t think they’d tell me in person. It’s like Facebook is the friend, the personal therapist but, everyone gets to sit in on your session. I’m not sure that was the point of its creation. If you need a friend…call one. If you’re mad at your boyfriend… see him and tell him. If your boyfriend is doing you wrong…call him and dump him. If a girl is jealous of you… deal with it and get over yourself. Just stop posting it on FACEBOOK! After writing my issues with kids and Facebook I realized that many of these same issues can be said of blogs as well. Ack! Does that make me part of the problem? Totally not where I thought this post was going. Ugh! Next prompt, please…

6 comments on “Writer’s Workshop – You Oughta Know”

  1. Yes! I totally agree about FB and blogs. Posting about how mad you are at someone or at how some friend wronged you because you want to feel vindicated is juvenile and makes readers uncomfortable. I’m a big fan of the old fashioned letter to express your thoughts/and or feelings to someone. Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

  2. The difference is, one can at least pretend to be anonymous at a blog. But Facebook…their only hope is if enough people blame themselves it might become commonplace enough to not cause them problems later on.

  3. Good points! What’s the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? well this should apply to FB too.

  4. It IS crazy! What I find is interesting about blogs though, is for the most part people don’t air TOO much dirty laundry. But for whatever reason, kids seem to think that Facebook provides this shield of privacy and that publishing inappropriate things there is OK. It will catch up to them someday…

    Thanks for stopping by earlier this week!

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