Read the above t-shirt. Insert: outrage? Model Kate Moss is best known for her waif-like body. The other thing she’s known for is this statement “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. She said it years ago and outrage ensued. It’s a stupid statement that got even more attention because of peoples reaction to it. Now it’s back in the spotlight because it’s on a t-shirt. For kids. I’m not sure who’s bright idea this was, but I can’t say that I’m on board. I wouldn’t want my child thinking there’s any truth to that statement. There are too many people dying to be small. This statement seems to send the message that food is your enemy if you want to look like a model. It’s a horrible message. It’s a message many have bought into – models included. Kids have enough pressure on them to look a certain way – they don ‘t need to feel that pressure from a t-shirt.

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  1. I don’t understand why so many people think starvation is the only way to be thin, honestly, I eat everything I want and manage to stay thin (I don’t have a thin body type, most of my family members are overweight) because I’m smart about it. There are ice creams that are healthy and get absorbed much faster leaving smaller chance of gaining lb from it for example. It shouldn’t be about thin waste, it should be about health. Starving isn’t healthy, eating good quality food, is.

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