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Working out has become a popular topic with me. There are a few reasons for that sort of obsession. One of those reasons being the importance of health and fitness to me. Another is that becoming a mother shifted my focus to being all about my son and while that’s great, I realized that I needed to keep some things that were just for me. Working out is one of those things.

That was made clearer to me than in the last week. After griping about my lack of time to workout, I made the decision to join the gym at my job. I had avoided joining because it can be pretty pricey. I finally realized that the only workout time I had was during the workday so this proved to be the best solution. I knew I wasn’t going to get up at the crack of dawn to do it and leaving my little man in the evenings wasn’t an option either. Lunch time workouts work for me!

The first workouts were the best. I think I overdid it a bit but, I didn’t even care. I can’t tell you how good it felt to have my muscles burn again. I felt more like the old me than I have in a while. It felt even better to know that I wasn’t sacrificing any time with my family in the process. After working out, I started talking to another mom that I work with. We were talking about getting back into the workout routine. She said something that struck me. She commented about how good it felt to have that “me” time. I know that sounds so simple. And, really it is. It’s just that it finally hit me like a light bulb moment that day. I had been so busy looking at my workout time as time taken away from my family I hadn’t noticed that I was actually taking time for me. I am actually getting some “me” time and I hadn’t even looked at it that way. I had stopped looking at things being solely for me.

I have more than a few examples of my lack of  “me” time. My hair appointments have become far and few between and a professional pedicure would be a welcome reward for my feet.  It seems that time just for me  rarely works its way into my vocabulary. I’m happy I’ve found some  way to work it back into my life – even in the smallest of ways. Do you make “me” time a priority? What do you do for “me” time?

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  1. I usually just make me time right before I go to a conference or blog event. Every other day, I give myself nada.

    Glad you found a good way to get some for yourself!

  2. Me time? You mean a mommy can have me time?!
    It is a work and progress here to ensure I have some me time every once in a while. Sometimes it is a success, other times..not so much! Good to hear that you are able to incorporate so me time into your days!

  3. I have a heck of a time trying to find “me time!” Four little ones can really put a damper on it – but now that my oldest is thirteen and can watch the others for a few, my hubby and I escape to the corner coffee shop more often – that helps ALOT!!!
    Now, for the next step, I would love to follow your example and JOIN A GYM!!!

  4. I just recently joined the gym as well. I am making a lifestyle change and fitness has to be a part of it. I am training for a half marathon and pushing Lil Mama in that jogger was killing my arms. With my son’s full schedule I just didn’t have the time so the gym was the only option. So far so good. Some times I go after they are down for the night around 10. The gym is empty and I agree it feels good to have some time for myself. I always get the treadmill in front of the tv that show SITC. That makes my time go by faster!

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