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Write The Vision


Are you the type of person who has to write things down to make sure you actually do them or remember them? *Raises Hand* That’s so me! I have to do lists all of the place. They are taking up lots o’ space in my phone and in my notebook planner. I have lists and […] Read more…

Comfort Zones Are The Devil


OK, so calling comfort zones the devil could be a bit ahem, strong. Maybe. Comfort is a good thing. We all want it. Whether it’s your shoes, your jeans, your bed, your finances we all seek some sort of comfort. I remember moving to L.A. and having to start all over with my career. I […] Read more…

Not Just Lip Service


Recently, I had an experience that I wanted to share with you. I am creating a whole business centered around inspiring mamas to find and follow our passions. I talk a lot about following your dreams even especially after your name changes to mama. So, I just wanted to share a little something to let […] Read more…

Bidness + Family


It’s the beginning of a new week and somehow it’s November. Not sure how that happened. Can you believe it’s about to be Thanksgiving!? I’m seeing Christmas stuff everywhere and I still have bags of Halloween candy left! Any who, ready or not, it’s going to be 2014 before we know it. One of my […] Read more…

Being Ugly Ain’t Cute


Sometimes we hit it out of the park. Sometimes we don’t even come close. Sometimes we excel and sometimes we flat out fail. To be able to admit those shortcomings can be life changing. To be unwilling to ever be wrong, ever in life is just flat out foolish. Enter the two owners of Amy’s […] Read more…